Who are the people behind the screen?

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College student, CSC Software Dev major, been programming since 16. Grinding.
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whats CSC?
Looks like I'm not the only programmer who tries to stay away from computers on the weekends. But yes, not everyone here is a hobbyist or a student. Also, surprisingly few people fill in their user profiles.
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ur doing a good job of staying away from ur computer this weekend cubby
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whats CSC?

Computer Science Software Development
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oh ok ty
DTSCode wrote:
they really wont let u write php? is it a money issue?
Yes, that's because they don't want an entry level dude to touch the back end. Somehow that's more favorable to me because I don't have to squeeze my head off at work instead save that energy for my hobby projects. Besides, Javascript is quite fun.

And yes it's a money issue.
pay < phpcode
CSC == Computer Science Software Development == CSSD? o_o
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CSC = Computer Science Coalition

Wait that isn't college....
- Hobbyist, CS Major in Undergrad.
Student, but not at a college
High school student. Hobbyist. Programming for 6 years as of around the beginning May. Hoping to study CS @ MIT.
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21/22 year old hobbyist for 5 years. I don't plan on doing anything with programming as it will cause me to lose interest in programming.


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