Impossible Game

How far will you get?

Disclaimer: You may not use cheats, glitches, or other loopholes such as the Flash right-click menu.
I find this game to be... impossible
I was able to click on it but nothing happened?
How were you able to click on it?

This game is just satirizing those games that call themselves impossible but actually have a way to progress and beat them. This game actually is impossible (there's not victory condition).
My cursor happened to be over it before it loaded and it didn't change to a circle until it was moved off the square and back over it.
I was able to click on it due to load lag that made the square not change to the circle right away. Though it isn't impossible, now I will sue for the two seconds of life I wasted and get a whole $5 from it so I would get a reward for it ;).
Those fall under the category of glitches, see the first post :p
I wouldn't categorize it as a game anyways. If that is a game, then hover links are games too. Though they give you the reward of taking you to another site.
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