Who plays Minecraft?

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garys mod is a seperate game
I've never heard of the "goto" gate in redstone sciences. Could you teach me?
goto class
'and' gate
'or' gate

just do this when this equals this kinda...or:

with the new command blocks, you can have scoreboards. If scoreboard == ? then this command block activates. put comparator next to command block. command block with give out signal 1 if true, 0 if false
I don't see how that relates to my previous question.
Maybe I haven't been in tune with this thread entirely. But I'm going to go ahead and assert that 'goto' isn't a logic gate. :p
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oh good so its not just me
A year or two ago I made an 8 bit processor using red stone.
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whats the best tutorial out there for redstone? and is it a good, ummmmmm i guess begginner/into into PWCT?
Who is an expert with command blocks? Kinda like c++ and batch
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c++ and batch arent even close, except for system, goto and if. well i guess for to
C++ is a programming language, Batch is a script that I don't even qualifies as a language. It's certainly not Turing complete.
Ah, Minecraft. I love that game. Last year, me and my friends made a huge town with a mall, shops, etc. On that, I was like the redstone guy. I set up traps with redstone, sold creations for easy agriculture, so I was the richest person on that server. The server typically had 10 people on it, as only my closest friends played on it, though.

The map was great. Our town was a portside mining town, so I took the oppurtunity to build railtracks and a sea port connecting one of my friend's settlements with mine, so that bought your town money. Plenty of animals, too. I'd say, the only problem on that server was deforestation, we lived in a pine biome, so we planted trees and sold spruce wood to the neighboring settlement. That was another way I made money.

I loved that server. Too bad the owner made it Premium only at that time, I couldn't play because I had no credit card to buy it, then I found out about gamecards. Not a pirate anymore :)
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Minecraft from a gamers perspective can be seen as a mediocre. It has various bugs caused by design. How often do they fix things like laughable segmentation faults and bugs in their game? I'm sure you've seen some dumb bug fix say something like, "Fix game crash after opening fence". Come on, I know this is an indie game but make some tests, jesus.

Minecraft from a developers perspective is an absolute joke. It should be the furthest thing that inspires you to make games. For one, there's no official modding API after how long? The Bukkit API has been around but it's not actually an API, it's just an ever-changing interface that has no stability (literally changing the API every single week, sometimes adding no feature and TAKING away stability).

Minecraft needs a large amount of packets because it's a first-person game that needs the direction of where the user is looking, moving, and giving input. Yet they use the stupidly bloated TCP layered sockets instead of using UDP sockets out of laziness. That and they're implemented in a synchronous way which causes problems throughout the game including visible lag spikes and various other issues. As for their rendering implementation, its impressive how Notch figured out to handle that much geometry given how little he uses of modern techniques but it's still not even close to optimal. He uses no shaders and provides no flexibility. Even the textures are limited in what they can do by default.

The server software is probably the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen in my life. For one, it cannot be used as a daemon or service. It's impossible. You have to always have it sitting on a vt somewhere. Secondly, Even for Java, it seems to use memory endlessly, completely butt-raping the server when it starts running out.
Thirdly, it has the same networking issues the client has which was a clear design mistake that Mojang doesn't give a f*#k about, despite it being a major nail in on the hand that they continue to hammer.

After realizing all of this, I seriously gave up on sandbox games. If it's done this poorly, I simply don't want to be a part of it. Minetest is honestly not that much better but at least 15x better than Minecraft from a developers perspective. For one, it uses a standardized UDP-based protocol. For two, it's natively implemented and works out of the box for just about any platform the supports irrlicht (and even more with some modification). For three, it's open-source. It has sane versioning meaning branches are to be expected but the most popular branch will still be the master branch. However, this also allows community additions of things like graphics, sounds, textures, and menu interface changes that don't directly effect the game.
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you know computerquip, if you keep your feelings all bottled in your going to be screwed up later in life. tell us how you really feel. i think you missed the point of it from a gamers view. i cant speak for the others but based on what theyve said and why i love, it gives you the ability to create. like someone said they made a mall, someone else said they made an 8-bit processor, my friend has made a house based off an actual one. i made this whole fire work thing. its not the fact that the graphics suck, its what it allows you to do.
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You know, there were sandbox games before Minecraft. Minecraft was definitely not the first of its type. I also named alternatives.

Also, I didn't make a single mention on graphical quality. I mentioned flexibility issues with the design and ability to add content yourself. I also mentioned fatal issues with the implementation which caused bugs that we still see today since the alpha client.

Also, fuck you for not reading my post and assuming. I hate that crap.
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1) never said it was the first. should we not play the legend of zelda ocarina of time because it wasnt the first?

2) sorry i skimmed. and anyways no one is forcing you to use it. im happy with it.

3) fuck you for dissing minecraft. i hate when people do that.
Don't rage now.
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who? me or computerquip?
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