Who plays Minecraft?

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Fredbill30 wrote:
I dislike tekkit, I'd rather just download & use computer craft.
With the Feed The Beast launcher, you can add and remove any mods you want to/from a given pack.
Anyone got a server?
Vanilla, Bukkit, or FTB?
Any flavor please.
There plenty of servers, google "<adjective(s)> minecraft servers"
The Minecraft Forums also have a comprehensive listing.
how about you guys...I know about planetminecraft and stuff but they keep coming up with the same results
No, but you could set one up (Community Minecraft Server anyone?)

Meh vanilla server that is epic, also hosts cool pvp maps too!

I was just wondering if you guys had a server

Tell me your username on this forum before you connect to server so I know who you are and you don't get possible kicked.
Are you still there?
Fred2000789 is my name on minecraft.
I play it once in a blue moon on a server that is whitelisted. Only time I bother playing it now though is when I'm so bored that sticking my head in a blender sounds fun. Then I boot up MC to creative mode just to play around with build ideas before I get burned out after about an hour and go back to coding.
Mine's not whitelist. I have stuff to do so my server is only going to be up for like 4 days out of the weeks. Butttt It's still good.
Does it have Bukkit? Make sure TNT and fire are enabled >:) (Not for griefing purposes).
No it's vanilla.... Yes everything is enabled
What days will it be up?
Random, most of the time i'm on here programming :P. But it'll be up most of the time.
How many people can it hold?
I think you meant to ask how many slots it has, which is 20 by default. Note that e.g. ops don't count toward the limit in some cases, so more than 20 people can be in a 20 slot server.
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