I hate mass effect 3 ending, and why do people think AI is dangerous? that's stupid

Im seriously disappointed with the ending of mass effect 3.
For those that don't know it the whole plot is based on a mystery, and at the end you find the mystery is a logical fallacy ruining the entire plot start to finish.

There's this idea that AI always destroys its creators, seriously can't sci-fi writers think of anything else that AI might be able to do?

for a start, there's absolutely no motive for AI to wipe out a human race so why make one every single time its used in a story,

second; if we can live with the french or a different intelligent species then we are already sharing our existence with other intelligent beings relativity okay,

lastly; Every single plot where AI tries to destroy humans the plot is always
'a misguided attempt to save us by doing something for us against our will that they have logically come to the conclusion that they should do it for us cos we don't have the balls to do it to ourselves'
that's way too a specific thing to use in like 70% of all science fiction with AI in it, only deus ex managed to be original-ish in that respect.

maybe if you plugged your AI in to nuclear missile silo network they might blow us all up, but no ones is going to plug an AI into the nuclear missile system for the same reason they wont stick one of my c++ programs in.

I seriously think AI will be fine, if you remember to include some of what makes us not psychos in then what could possibly go wrong? your fembot quits its job and goes off into the world wasting your hard earned cash, thats the worst that could happen.

I also neglected to mention earlier that I know how the human brain works unlike everyone else and that when I know computers well enough I will make the first computer that can actually think like a person and a computer, true story now word of a lie because i am in actual fact am one myself.

EDIT: self replicating robots and human computer merging could have incredibly distopian like effects on humanity however.

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Im seriously disappointed with the ending of mass effect 3.

You're not the only one. Lots of people were disappointed. I personally have been disappointed with the series as a whole. The first game was great, after that it went downhill rapidly with it's constant dumbing down of the game. Why must all games feel the need to cater to the dumb?
BBC is too, there's this argument in conceptual art at the moment, lots of people 'don't get it' so arts councils considered dumbing it down to make it 'accessible' but they feared it would damage the progress of art itself.

I wish they put that consideration into something that mattered like videogames
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Why must all games feel the need to cater to the dumb?

I feel the exact same way, I used to be a avid MMORPG player, but its just not the same anymore. Going from EQ (The first one) where you had to work insanely hard to accomplish stuff, to the games we have to day like WoW that makes everything stupidly easy.

The reason is because they are trying to hit as big as market as possible with almost every game released now days. And sadly a big section of the market is younger kids and players that wouldn't like hard games or intelligent plots that make you think. They much prefer games where only you K/D ratio matter and games where everything comes easy to you and you don't have to work to get it.

Its actually quite sad, because for me the BEST and most fun part of a game is where you are on that boss fight that you have been trying to beat for hours or even days or weeks but just can't do it. Then magically you all of a sudden beat him and you that sense that you accomplished something and it makes it all worth while.

Most of my favorite moments in gaming are from that, but most developers don't care about that anymore. It's turned to all about graphics and trying to generalize the game to hit as many niches as possible.
I miss old RPGs like Might & Magic, Wizardry and the old D&D games like pool of radiance. I find much enjoyment these days with the Avernum series, which is new, but made like the old.

I did enjoy the first Mass Effect. But I stopped half way in the second, as I found it too "simple" of a game (for the lack of a better word).

I got the same feeling going from Morrowind to Skyrim. Morrowind had more interesting factions to join, a more complex story line and a world which was very unique. Oblivion and Skyrim felt cheap in comparison.
Oria, I think we may be separated twins lol
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