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Someday, when I'm friggin loaded, I'm going to hire freshman computer science undergrads to follow me around and transcribe everything I say and then manually put each sentence in alphabetical order using variously assigned sorting algorithms. Work will be hellishly dull, but they will know their sorting algorithms inside and out. Also I'll pay double min-wage.
Also I'll pay double min-wage

That would definitely not be enough for me to do that. I thought about taking a pay cut once I start looking for a programing job... but will definitely not be that desperate.
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Double min wage sounds pretty nice to a lot of people my persuasion (read: undergrad college student in the middle of America) I'd definitely take that job if it meant making ~$16 an hour when the alternative is likely to be close to $7.50. Well, depending on how many hours a week I'd be working doing this.
wow, that's even worse. the minimum wage here is $10-$11 or so... cant remember the exact amount. However I live in the most expensive city in North America (21st in the world) as 2013. which I guess would not be enough here either.
when im loaded im gonna find me twenty odd of the best whores and buy a replica pirate ship and play captain devon and the sex pirates all the way to the caribean
You just made me spit rice all over my keyboard.
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LOL chris
Ha Devon, that's awesome.

Towards the OP, I make minimum wage (7.25) working for the network admin at my university. If it weren't for the experience, there's no way I'd stay.
Devon man, you are a riot. I've gotten so many good laughs out of your posts.

@Resident and OP
I make minimum at a computer repair shop at the moment. I probably get vastly underpaid, but the experience is awesome and the job is really laid back. I'll shoot for a better paying job when i start going to uni, but I really don't mind getting paid a small amount if it means working a fun job.

Also, Cheraphy, I do any kind of work you want for $16 an hour. Lol.
I feel the same way. As underpaid as I am, I have a lot of free time at work to get school work done so I hardly ever have to bring work home. And the schedule is super nice (I fit time in anywhere between 8 - 5, M - F).
Right? I doubt I'll find another job where I can sit here and post on forums, chat with people on skype/irc, and do bits of homework while I'm on the clock. So I mean, I can't justly complain about anything. I've only got about another four months with these guys, though. Then it's off to some other part of the country.
you laugh now
You are very funny. I go hahahaha. You made me laugh.
News headlines in a few weeks:
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Right? I doubt I'll find another job where I can sit here and post on forums, chat with people on skype/irc, and do bits of homework while I'm on the clock.

Fortunately most desk job you can (well unless your at a call center). I only really come to this forum while I'm at work.

I mean, when you first start to build your work experience, you will have to work your @$$ off to sort of prove yourself. but once the dust settles. You usually end up with some good spare time.
Hey Modshop do you make minecraft mods?
I mean, within reason. I'm sure spending of free time on forums and chat rooms isn't generally accepted. I've had my boss come over to me like "Hey, what you doing? Oh, that's cool shit, carry on."

I was once even told "Go take a nap or something."
Best. Day. Ever.
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I was once even told "Go take a nap or something."

I actually just heard somewhere that in new york and other states companies are starting to put in "cat nap" rooms for their employees to take naps in
Man that is fucking awesome.
And here I am feeling like I have a cool job, lol. I'm gonna go work at the times doing data entry or something.
Your right, it Generally is not accepted, however, in most case they don't care even when they see it.

It also goes with the position... If your an assistant, or under a micromanaged large corporation; You may not be able to do so. However, if you have a regular position which is more specialized in a regular office environment. then it will be accepted. For instance, here they would say "so long your work is done, I don't care".
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