writing viruses to a rescue disc?

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so before anyone thinks im making viruses, i downloaded this linux iso meant to be used as a rescue disc and it occured to me, if i use it to rescue a linux system, is it possible to get viruses on the disc, thus not being able to use it anymore?
Provided you got the disc from a legitimate source, it will be clean. After that it isn't possible to get anything on the disc.
In practice, rootkits and viruses for Linux aren't very common.
If you burn the ISO to a CD or DVD, it can't get "infected" later because for all practical purposes that sort of media is read-only. So it boils down to how much you trust the makers of that Linux distro not to put nasty stuff in it.
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well i downloaded the iso legitamately so i had to burn it to a disc. i know its clean i just wanted to make sure it would stay clean
Which distro is it? The bigger the name, the better.
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it was called boot_rescue_disc i found it on source forge
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