Are computer programmers smart?

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ProgramProgrammer wrote:
I have to BE smart to actually program.
I'm the smartest one in my grade, and the ONLY one who can program stuff.
I went through a stage where I believed I was superior to those around me as well (I think i was somewhere around 14 years of age). You eventually realize you're nothing special.

Now, to get on topic; even if it is a troll topic, it's interesting to see everyone's thoughts. I don't think I can program because I'm smart. However, I do consider myself a smart person (i just don't have a superiority complex). I firmly believe it was developing the interest in programming that gave me the mental tools I needed in order to be as academically successful as I am today.
So maybe this phrase better describes my situation: "I'm smart because I program."
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Resident Biscuit wrote:
There's a little more to programming than compiling... Not to mention there isn't a tutorial out there for everything. And like most people say, the actual act of programming isn't what's hard. It's the planning and making it all work together without issues.

True, but still no proof that you have to be smart in order to be a programmer. :P
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no, but you feel pretty smart when people think your hacking with this batch script

@echo off

echo %random%...
goto :a
hey when is this chess game finished?? then we will see who is the smartest
hey when is this chess game finished?? then we will see who is the smartest

You cannot define someone's intelligence with chess. There are different types of intelligence. (logical IQ, social IQ, creative IQ, etc... ).
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I was more sort of challenging everyone to a game of wit

[smug]I have all of them types of intelligence's i must be really really clever [/smug]
Just have good memory.
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