Lower Your IQ

If I invert my screen, I can raise my IQ!

Also, you can't steal my idea, only I can do that!
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Hah! Fantastic.
I got a real good laugh out of that.
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Apparently MinusIQ is sold out! Good thing they also produce status water...
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And what if it doesn't work, huh? Will I get my money back and stuff?
*takes pill*

What if what doesn't work?
People in my part of london are really really thick for some reason, Especially the white english! I know its vulgar to say a certain minority are thicker than the rest but its not just true its TOTALLY UNCANNY!

I seriously find my self explaining simple or obvious things to people all the time over here, its actually true im not just being an idiot.

I have been trying to do that with alcohol and drugs for years, but now I am a 3.23 GPA comp sci student. Guess I took the wrong path.

Idiocracy anyone?
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sfunny I find that alchohol and drugs just make me cleverer and cleverer
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devonrevenge wrote:
white english [...] minority

Lol, what part of London are you in where whites are the minority?
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@Michaela Elise: brave new world
in hounslow
I live in a room in a nice muslim families house, Some of the people where I shop i hear them using a check out machine and get a little insight into their stupidity
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