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chrisname wrote:
Whether this user is also spoonlicker is another matter, but I think it is.
Based on what evidence? Devon has made baseless accusations (which he has done before), and is now just being a complete asshole.
no im not, It was so obviously spoonlicker.
I think I missed the main fun in this one; the thread is illegible now.
OK Devon, what is your so called proof?
its spoonlickers style through and through, and wheres your evidence to support the spurious claim im being a complete arse hole?

I actually tried to find a way we could discuss weather or not a spoonlicker thread was a spoonlicker thread privatley without anyone paying him any heed AND without alienating anyone but the fools just told me off for being spoonlicker obsessed, im a problem solver and I want the spoonlicker problem solved but I just get chastized for trying :'(
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Well, you're not talking about rabbits, so either you haven't updated your profile since 1984 or you actually are spoonlicker. This is a brave new world we live in, it seems.
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Hey im not spoonlicker, I would not accuse others of being so if i was him either, that is what he would say too but you know what i mean.

do you seriously think I am spoonlicker?? who else feels this way?

Im english and spoonlicker claims to be a yank, so If you read my posts theres englishness in them americans wont know about.

oh yeah the rabbit arse hole thing :P
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I was joking, of course; spoonlicker wouldn't put that much effort into an alternate account with an alternate writing style like yours just to come to this. Then again, spoonlicker obviously has some sort of inability to stay away from here when they could be having a perfectly fine life of their own.

Also, all I've seen between you and the OPer is that you have been blatantly rude and I don't see any reason why, it's like you just randomly picked the user.
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im a problem solver and I want the spoonlicker problem solved but I just get chastized for trying :'(

A forum troll is not your problem to solve.
It's not even the forum administrator's problem to solve.
It's the troll's.
Catfish3 wrote:
A forum troll is not your problem to solve.
It's a problem?
I don't think you are spoonlicker, just some other form of troll with too much time on their hands. Maybe you should spend more time learning to program instead of spewing ignorant shit in the lounge.
I have said nothing ignorant at all, I havent been rude in an unkind way, the OP looks like she is having fun if anything so bleurgh, and sex change person is fine if you dont know the terminology, its like saying some one had parents of two races rather than mixed race, the reasction makes me think its spoonlicker.

its just that if someone in america takes a tone in a controversial subject they think that person (for example) was rascist, I see this a lot, the only thing I have done here is confronted a potential spoonlicker, i am not a troll either I resent that, although you are right to some extent naruku, I use this place to procrastinate and it has gotten worse, i need insparation.

You guyss need to think about what people are saying and not the noises they seem to be making
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its just that if someone in america takes a tone in a controversial subject they think that person (for example) was rascist
Where do you come up with this shit? Have you ever been to the US?

the only thing I have done here is confronted a potential spoonlicker
Based on what criteria is she a potential spoonlicker?

i am not a troll either I resent that
1.Its something you joke about in britain, that they dont know what rascism is, we get a lot of your telly.(your comedians are the worse)

2.the first thing that made me think it was spoonlicker was a female programmer, an instant presentation of a driving liscence, the fact that that image had been used by the licker before and the fact that that that is not a post or pre op transgender ITS AN ACTUAL WOMAN (i know these things) and a few other character traits, how do you guys suspect a spoonlicker?? well i do the same as you...although BHSpecter was calling up fredbill as spoonlicker, oh the damage the licker has caused.

3.I never used a forum before everything I do i want to be appropriate, I base everyting I do on what has seemed to be the same as what you lot do, though im seeing one rule for you and another for me right now, and its alienating, I can handle it though i guess, but no I dont want people to think im a troll, what do i do thats trollish?
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Hmm ya America doesn't know what racism is yet we have had wars over it. Sometimes I don't know if you are just stupid and ignorant or if you are just some troll.
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you havent had a war over rascism, you had a war over the south becoming too powerful because they used free labour, if you look at Abraham lincoln closley you will learn that he is a rascist arse hole, he wanted to 'send them all back home' there were some good channel four programs about him being an equally rascist war criminal...i will find it and add it later.

your ignorant, because you got the same education as everyone else in your country, and its historicaly false, that and having a war about it changes nothing at all, Martin Luther king goes on to say he has come to cash a check that had not been honoured in his speech, ask yourself why.

infact your response Zereo, backs up my claim, I will find this documentary anyway, it is pretty much a symbol of what I mean, this professional historian wants to look into what made abe lincoln so great, being a black woman she hoped she didnt find what she did, go ahead be a good historian, apparently you only have to scratch the surface a little bit.
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Its quite funny how you insult my education yet you can't even spell decent English and have no idea how to use a spell checker.
I cant be arsed specially when im ranting and we both know its a proof of how well educated or high your IQ is, infact on the net its usually a cheap meaningless attempt to ignore what someone said and still answer back, christians fall back on that in religious debates when you have them all good and cornered
Common devonrevenge. Look at what your doing. Stop rationalize why you have been relentlessly harassing someone. Use your brain a little bit (thinking), apologize, and then leave it alone.
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I still think its spoonlicker, I got defensive and was horrible in the process im sorry.
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