best way to comment

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so im not talking about commenting the code, i can do that fine. im talking about the part at the beginning. ive seen the gpl. ive personally done the authors version info and a little bit about the program, but is there a better way?
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like this
How about you use Doxygen? You'll need to write special comments for that, like:
/// @brief Short program.
/// @authors Me and ½ of my friends.
/// @copyright Evil License. 

Doxygen utility download here:

Actual usage example here:
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ok yeah ill use that thank you
I recommend you use Doxygen comments in header files only. In source files, keep comments to a bare minimum.
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why is that?
Well, I used to put Doxygen comments in source files and header files, which meant if I updated one I had to make sure to update the other. Too many comments also gets in the way and makes the code hard to read.
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