SDL with Pocket C++

Well the portable version of mingw was made into a plugin for notepad++. (Google Pocket C++, it should be on the first page.)During my study hall in school I wanted to load it up from my 16 gig and 4 gig flash drives to to a colab project with my friend. The problem with it, is it never sets up correctly. I followed Lazy Foo's tutorials on how to set SDL up with mingw, but whenever I try to compile my project it gives my the error "SDL/SDL.h no such file or directory". Please help.
Is SDL's header file in the appropriate local search directory?

Did you put "SDL.h" or "SDL/SDL.h"? Try both.

If "SDL.h" can't be found yet it can't be a linking error.

You just need to make sure that the header file is in the correct directory.

What does PocketCpp's settings say about such? Do some look arounds.

It is in the correct directory, I checked. Also, I've tried both. The both do not work.

I've concluded PocketCpp has little to no documentation. Well, it doesn't have enough that I can work with. Anyway, I just re-downloaded it. Time to try to set it up again.
Nevermind, I got it to work but now I have to compile via command line. :|
What was the problem?
I can't compile it through the notepad++ plugin.
Nevermind, this is not solved. Now when I try to compile with mingw command line on a different project I get the same error.
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