MMO with Good Combat?

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I have tried a few MMO's and all of the have click to auto attack combat. I was wondering if anyone knows of an MMO with some other sort of combat. Thanks!
Try Tera Online if you haven't already ->
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Rusty Hearts is interesting. Not really an MMO where you group with tons of people though.
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I think Tera looks good. I watched the video to Rusty Hearts and it oddly reminds me of Kingdom Hearts, if you have ever played it. Is it like based off KH or something? But thanks to you two!
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Nah, not related at all. It's a pretty fun game if you enjoy the combat. Story is pretty average but shrug. Good music though.
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Okay. Good to know.
Got Rusty Hearts and not played it once on my Vista box. I have to be honest, for a good three or so months I kept calling it Busty Hearts. Tera Online I've heard of, but not gave it a try yet. My problem is that I program under Linux and live under it pretty much so I don't play many games due to it being my laptop. Its an old laptop that I'm pretty sure wouldn't run anything in wine. About the only thing I play is Minecraft on my laptop and even it lags bad.

The last MMO I played was Final Fantasy XI (which I'm thinking about picking it back up again since they are still developing expansions for it).
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I used to play Tera a lot and it is actually a very good game. The combat is very unique in that you actually have to aim all your attacks and not just auto attack and press 1-10 or whatever. You also have to evade others attacks.

Overall it was a very good game. The reasons I quit were these, the endgame content was very boring and repetitive. You basically have 2 dungeons that you run each on a 6 hours cool down timer. They are 5 man dungeons so they are not raids. So once you max level and hit a certain point gear wise all you have to do is run one of the 2 dungeons or farm for gold to restock on crystals, pots, ect. for your next run. I am not sure if they have fixed this yet by adding more end game content.

Another reason I quit was the lack of PVP. They labeled it as a pvp game but in truth when it first came out the PVP sucked bad. The only pvp there was was open world pvp and duels that can range from 1-10 people on each team. They were both good pvp but there just wasn't enough of it to satisfy people. You could look for hours and not find a good duel or anyone to even pvp against. Now I believe they probably solved this by them adding in the ranked and un ranked arena's they were planning but I am not sure.

But overall it is a very good game that I would recommend to anyone that is looking for something different where you don't just press in repetitive order to take down a boss or mob.
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It's a massive game.





RaiderZ or Vindictus. Never actually played the games though, but they are like Tera's combat system.
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I have Minecraft. It is VERY FUN, but it is not an MMO.
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I have to agree it is probably not a MMO in the traditional sense. How many players can a minecraft server support anyways? I'm thinking like 64-124? Not sure though cause don't really play it.
No, the server is like 32 or less last I new. Unless Mojang updated it.
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Ya then it is definitely not a MMO, just a sandbox RPG(???) with multiplayer capabilities.
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Agreed Zereo.
*Minecraft can host as much players as you can provide RAM for*
I played on a server that could let 3000 people play.

(This was with 1.2.3)
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