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A somewhat basic asteroids game that I made (with some help, see link below).

It is in C++ and utilizes SDL. The repository is Mercurial (because I like tortoise hg)

I am new to using repo's so if there is a problem let me know

hg clone

The ship physics was taken from here.

p.s. I made it public, so I think revisions can be pushed. Some improvements and feedback are welcome. Please do not rewrite the entire thing though.
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My only advice is to not name it asteroids if you publish or distribute it. Allegro got in trouble for having their demo game A5teroids that comes with the library because it was too close to Asteroids. Now they have it renamed.
good point BHX. I need to keep that sort of stuff in mind.

and ewww.
There is an asteroids game in articles tab...
I realized that just a little bit ago greenleaf.

Anyway, I have made a lot of changes, and I think improvements, to mine. If anyone has the time, would you mind compiling it and telling me what you think of the gameplay. I am not so happy with the speeds and acceleration but am not sure exactly what to change.

It is an eclipse project so you can just import to eclipse, else you need to link
-lSDL -lSDL_image -lSDL_gfx -lSDL_ttf

Each object, ship.cpp, stroid.cpp, projectile.cpp have an update function that takes a delta time. These are where the velocity and position changes are handled.

Variables are defined in ship.cpp init, or stroid.cpp projectile.cpp ctors
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New name = Floating Space Rocks
lol, I changed the name in the game to Comet Blaster. I just don't feel like changing all my project file names... not that it would be that hard.
I wish I had the time and know how to make really good games.... Then, I could entertain myself.
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the best place to start is by learning batch with the opengl library
^ No.
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Batch and openGL ohh gezz what is programming coming to these days :(
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ok fine... how about brainf*ck and sdl?
lol, good luck.
DTS are you joking? C++ in SDL or SFML. OpenGL can be used in combination with both.
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