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Michaela Elise wrote:
p.s. it is for linux right now

It is times like this that I wish I had dual booted all my computers with Linux. D:
Well, the only linux part is the rng class because it pulls randomness from /dev/urandom. If you change the random stuff to just get from whatever the windows rand is, it should work just fine
Better yet fred, just get vmware player, then you do not even need to dual boot and you can try all the OS's that you want.
@Fredbill30: Yeah, like Michaela pointed out you can do a virtual machine that boots a linux distro. Linux can do the same with Windows (and in some cases wine will work). Thankfully, I have a desktop that dula boots Ubuntu Linux 12.10 and Windows Vista. Down side is that I use my laptop most and it only has Ubuntu 12.10, but I do all my coding on it and not my desktop. Hell, only time I use the desktop is to load up something for my father-in-law that he is needing.
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Eww windows vista :( one of the worst windpws OS' s ever released.
Also, the new MS console sounds like it is still a few years away

We're supposed to get an official announcement in May, according to my boss who happens to have connections inside division of microsoft that xbox is developed under.

Then again he told me that in january and I've yet to hear it elsewhere...
I changed it so it is both linux and windows compatible. You still need SDL SDL_image SDL_gfx SDL_ttf and to add the -lmingw32 and -lSDLmain links but the code itself is portable
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