This program will find the area of a circle without pi!

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@naraku, it's close to pi/2.

@Ispil, does that have any reason to converge to (a ratioal function of) pi, or did you just write a random way to get 3.1415 ?
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Sorry about that, there was an extra square root in there. There should be a total of 9, not 10, with the last being the square root of 2+1. As for why it converges to pi, it is a variation of Viéte's formula, which can be manipulated into an approximation of pi. There, I simply posted a version of Viéte's formual when n (a particular variable in the function) is 8.
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Duoas wrote:
I'm still surprised no one has mentioned this classic
emphasis added

greenleaf800073 wrote:
Um, what language is that
greenleaf800073 wrote:
Fixed it:
LB wrote:
[random stuff about bizarre C]

It is C89. If your compiler can't handle it, your compiler is non-standard.

Also, I still seem to have not learned that no one will ever bother to click a link I provide, answering all your questions and more. That code is an update to a famous IOCCC winner.

I'm not bothering to post a link this time. Instead, I'm going to get a mirror and eat some delicious apple pi.
Apple? Recently bought some blueberry pi, myself. Still have to try it.

I meant apple pie. Made with apples.

@Duoas the link you provided was to the source file identical to that in your post, it explains nothing.
@LB No, but the url did.
Why is everyone reported in this thread?
Because some kid is bored out of his mind and passes his time that way.
L B, when did you first join, I estimate : 4 years, 4 days, 4 hours, 4 minutes, 4 seconds ago.
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Uh, I thought only certain people had powers to report.
@Duoas is that in response to a deleted post?
Austin J said that everyone was reported. Was he just misreading something?
Austin J said that everyone was reported. Was he just misreading something?

I'm not sure if this specific thread was affected, but I remember spoonlicker had a brief reporting frenzy on here -- and the admin must've cleared the reports since then.
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