XMPP on Thunderbird 17

So I just noticed that Thunderbird has support for various chat servers. I got my facebook chat running just fine, and have been trying to figure out how to get XMPP working, but it just keeps saying the server has closed the connection. It all works just fine on Pidgin, but as I don't like having multiple programs open I'd like to get it working on Thunderbird. The XMPP server is one we run here at work. Anyone else ever try to do this?
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Hmm I have actually heard of this problem before and it is quite common I believe.

Have you tried editing the trust of the certificate? I believe there should be somewhere that has "Edit Trust" for the certificate and you need to change it to say you trust the certificate.

At least that is what I remember out of it. This same thing happened to a friend of mine with his work.
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Yup I've done that. One of the few things that I actually found to supposedly fix it. But it didn't work for me :(
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Hmm I'll do some research and see if I can help ya find a solution.
I've done plenty of googling, even gone so far as to venture into page 2 of google results :O But if you find anything that you think I haven't I'm willing to try whatever
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Yea our server doesn't even have 5223 open, but I tried anyway for the hell of it. No luck. That's actually one of the threads I ran into while searching, chances are you won't find a thread I haven't already seen for this lol. I'm gonna give a couple more hours then see what one of our system admins think about it.
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