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Hello everypony! My name is Kaleb Fritch and I'm 14 years old (subject to change every November 18^th) I am currently on a goal to becoming one of the best developers/programmers. I can be stubborn or hot headed at times, but in those cases, please bare with me, as I usually don't mean it. I do, however, prefer to be spoken to like an adult because my vocabulary and understanding of complex things is rather extensive. I have learned html5 and can program a full website within 15-30 minutes, tops. By full website I mean multiple pages with text, images, and hyperlinks. I have not learned html5 in full, however, because lately I've been focusing on JavaScript and (I think c++) I have not learned a single syntax of code for css. I am in ABSOLUTELY NO means fluent in any programing/coding language. I've been learning JavaScript on www.codecademy.com and have recently discovered that c++ and JavaScript are almost EXACTLY alike. Unless I'm completely and utterly incorrect that is. I will mainly be posting in this section of the forum because most things I need help with probably sent c++ . The first game I plan on making is going to be a text based adventure and as far as I know, JavaScript is the best language to do it in. I do hard coding, as in I don't use those programs such as jQuery to help me program. Well, I won't until I'm rather good at JavaScript anyways. Right now I am currently trying to find the BEST source to learn JavaScript. I've thought about getting the tome (haha, see what I did there? Tome=large book incase you didn't know) JavaScript for dummies, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. More about me: (wow I'm really off topic here folks) I'm more of the git 'er done type. And I don't like to just sit around all day, I like to be up and running, playin wide receiver on the football team, but most of the time I'm either on my kindle fire hd, reading, or on the desktop (I don't favor laptops, however, I will use them contentedly) coding. The way I learn to code is to learn a few syntaxes and then play with them and any others I've previously learned. My computers are horrible, so I can't really run huge programs but I can run minecraft on my desktop with tons of lag. I am an avid gamer (psn username is kkrock98) and I could go on for a long time but I guess it's time to end this book, lol. Also, I'm fairly new to coding, I just truly got into it when I turned 14 but I did practice html a few years before that. The only thing in HTML that truly messes me up is the tables. Lol...I guess I ramble a lot, sorry :-) NOW I'll end it

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Whoops, I didn't notice I could do superscript...Well...in any case, here is the fix for my error: (subject to change every November 18th)
Firstly, welcome to the forum. On a couple of notes:
- walls of text (WOT) are generally ignored. ( Only read up until the words "text based game" before writing this)
- You can edit your original post by clicking the "Edit" button just below it.
- C++ and Javascript are no where near alike and you should make note to distinguish them.
- Please use code tags when posting.


Stopped after "everypony".
Hmm...a little pushy eh? Oh well, sorry, I didn't see that edit button (I don't know why, because most forums I go onto have one). If javascript and C++ are nowhere near alike then I guess codecademy is teaching me wrong....and what do you mean by "use code tags when posting."?
@Resident LOL

@Kaleb not pushy, honest. Code tags are one of those options in the format button group that reads "Source code". Also, although C++ and js have a similar syntax, the languages are different.
Ha ha, everypony!

and what do you mean by "use code tags when posting."?

He means that when you eventually ask C++ questions in the Beginners/General forums, you should always put code fragments in between code tags.

[code]int i = 0; // example [/code]

Hmm...a little pushy eh?

The real challenge, if you stick around, will be not becoming pushy yourself. C++ does that to some.
Lol, yea, everypony (yup...I'm a brony xD) lol...challenge accepted. Thank you for the info on the code, as I am about to post a question (but it's not about C++, so where, exactly, do I post it?)
Non-C++ go in the lounge.

Also, we dare you not to be condescending at some point during your life on this forum.
recently discovered that c++ and JavaScript are almost EXACTLY alike


JavaScript is a dynamic scripting language. Its syntax was influenced by C, like many other languages were, however have very different semantics.

C++ is a statically typed, multi-paradigm, compiled, general-purpose programming language. It has a combination of both high-level and low-level language features. C++ has greatly influenced many other popular programming languages, most notably C# and Java.

Were you awake last night when you posted that wall of gibberish?
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No he was sleep browsing.
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well, technically javascript can be compiled oria so that isnt a difference anymore.

@kaleb: hard-coding is a term where you give variables a set value for testing a program instead of making it user input. of course it could be a larger meaning thats just the basic.
Hard Coding is where the variables that determine the program behavior are part of the program code itself. An example of hard-coding would be making an array representing the levels in the game rather than loading the levels from files.
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ok i knew i wasnt quite right but i was kind of close
I see...(I like to be condescending though :-D)
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how is that condescending? ... i think you like to think your "big" vocabulary makes you sound adult-like and intelligent, but in reality it makes you very shallow. that statement would be condescending
Honestly?? I have no idea what condescending means, L B dared me to not be condescending, so I figured that I will post like how I am all the time...therefore, I'm condescending. Your right about being shallow...I'm a hard @$$ and if somebody tries to make me feel sorry then I'm gonna say that I'm NOT sorry for what I did...10 years of being bullied does that to you, now, I don't care who you are, if you get on my bad side, you will get your @$$ BEAT. (Obviously I can't do that on the internet though...)
^Lol. Rage mode. Seriously, don't get on people's bad side here. Because when you need help, you wont get any.

Also, don't post false threats. What are you going to do to someone who disrespects you? Falcon punch someone through the screen?

Also, the 10 years of being bullied was too much information. Don't get personal just because someone says something on an INTERNET FORUM.
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sorry i thought u were responding to my hard-coding post. but ummm... a 14 year old kid who doesnt even want to say ass doesnt seem frieghtning
No, I'll say all kinds of shit...I'd just rather not get kicked off of this forum.
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