Advice? :)

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So, I'm currently fairly new to programming, & learning c++.

I'd like some insight from others as to how I should handle my challenges in coding c++. For instance, sometimes I get so overwhelmed & intimidated I step back a little & avoid my practice. Does anybody feel the same? If not, any ideas as how I can overcome it? Become better at programming using c++ & become more confident?
Just be patient. It takes a couple years for that feeling to go away. Just know that you will understand it fine eventually and don't stress on the time it takes you. Enjoy the ride :)
The best advice I can give; when you hit a problem that you can't get your head around, stop and walk away from the problem. By this I mean go and make a drink, or take a short walk, etc. Anything that will engage your brain in a more menial task.
True story. I often think of solutions to big problems on lunch break, or while looking out the window.
The way I learned was by finding small tasks or jobs that I wanted a program to do, looking up code and definitions online (usually cut and paste), then edit them to see what happens, of course forming a hypothesis first. After a while of doing this I began to build a better understanding of what is going on as well as a bunch of somewhat re-usable codes snippets.

I usually figure out problems when I lay down to go to sleep at night.
I can't tell you how many times I've had a eureka moment while I'm just out eating. Then my girlfriend calls me a nerd :(

The moral of the story is just get your mind off the problem and chances are you'll actually think of a solution.
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Then my girlfriend calls me a nerd :(

Relax. If you have a girlfriend then you can't be a nerd.
fun2code wrote:
Relax. If you have a girlfriend then you can't be a nerd.

Hey, nerd girls are real and need love too! I'd know, I found one. :3
nerd girls are real

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Sorry! I know it isn't really true (despite the stereotype). I was just expressing a little personal bitterness, I guess.

EDIT: A bit more on topic.
Sometimes the harder I concentrate on a problem, the blanker my brain gets.
I will switch to working on an easier part of a program for a while. Then I'm at least still working on it.
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advice, learn to add headers and source files sooner rather than later, it seems like a big deal to a beginner but its not, the reason i say this is beginner tutorials hardly ever use them and that causees bad habbits, linker settings still do my head in, if only I learnt to code properly.
Yea, I did the do the same thing that Michaela does. Just trying to do that helps you a lot.
Yea, I did the do the same thing that Michaela does
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Learn to add headers and source files sooner than later
, I'm glad you pointed this out thank you, devonrevenge.

I'm glad this thread received some feedback, thank you so much.

Inspiration is essential to get away from the fear for me.
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