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Well you can only dream if you get to REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

Says whom?

I remember reading about a disorder where something happens in your brain where a chemical is released and you don't feel tired. Only downside to this disorder is that after a short while of having it untreated you will die.

Yeah you can actualy have dream in code!! i had a coding dream that was close, weird right? you would have to be fluent in code to dream in it surley, can you describe the code dreams?
cire wrote:
Says whom?

Says every medical fact show I've ever seen and my doctor after he had me do a sleep study for sleep apnea. I never said they were right, just stating what I had been told, which was that you can't dream if you don't enter REM sleep.
@devonrevenge you don't have to be fluent, you just have to be doing a lot of learning.
A few nights ago, I had the weirdest dream. I fell off a building, and normally when I (and pretty much everyone else I've talked to about this) hit the ground, I wake up. This time, I didn't wake up.
What happened?

And for me, normally when I 'die' I just either restart the dream (like a video game XD) or I go to a different dream.
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I remember i would play so much basketball just when i went to sleep i would suddenly duck a fast moving basketball, I lived on a small boat at the time I to others it looked like I would randomly headbutt the bulkhead at lighting speed for no reason.
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