hi im new here :D

hello,im new in this forum and new to c++,i want to learn how to use c++ to create my own game,im not targeting an greate game yet,i use game maker 8.0 to make games but i think game maker is not good for 3d so i decided to use c++,i am familiar to game maker language,is it still hard to learn c++?cuz i dont even know how to make window in c++ but they said its going to be easy for me,and what should i need,do i need c++ only or there is many more i need to download?sorry for my english :P,well i hope you can help me guys thx again :D

i know how to make 3d cuz i make my own 3d when i use game maker,is it a big advantage?or not really?
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ohh sorry :D
Try downloading this library and playing with it
Run through the tutorials and you'll learn how to make a window, manipulate graphics, etc.

But while good for 2d, it isn't great for 3d simply because it isn't easy to make an intuitive wrapper for a 3d enviornment due to the complexity. To get everything 3d, you'll need to learn OpenGL or DirectX yourself.
yes exactly i want to learn how to use OpenGL what should i need to download and what exactly do i need to learn them?

The two links above should be more than enough to learn OpenGL.
What do you need to download? Well if you have Visual C++ installed, it should already have the OpenGL libraries ready for you to use.
ohh i see,i have visual c++ 2010,so i dont need to download anything?srry guys,im a newbie so i need your help :D,i want to learn how to open window using OpenGL 1st ehehehhe,thx for the reply
Try to build this example program:

It's from the NeHe site, where a lot of OpenGL examples and tutorials can be found, if you want to jump straight into the action. But for in-depth knowledge you will have to go back to the first two sites I linked to.
everytime i open those project i got some error XD,
i think its better to use dev c++ than visual c++ 2010 i got error when i use visual c++ 2010
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If you are using the up to date version of dev C++ (IE the Orwell Version found here http://orwelldevcpp.blogspot.com/) it doesn't matter but if you use bloodshed Dev C++ you NEED to get a new compiler (If you haven't updated it already) and IDE.

If you had a up to date compiler you would be getting the exact same errors you would get in visual C++ 2010, the only reason you aren't getting them is because your compiler is outdated and lets them errors pass through the cracks.
i got dev c++ i downloaded visual c++ 2010 for free,is it more good to use than my dev c++?
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Your current dev C++? Yes you are using a outdated version from over 8 years ago (Probably more but can't remember that exact date).

Though if you like how dev C++ work head over to the link I posted in my previous post and you can download a up to date version (I believe it is at version 5.4.0 or 5.4.1) that is just fine to use.
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Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

its gone,where can i donwload it?do you have other link?
wow thx for this,im going to study how to use this cuz i dont know how to use cel shading and other in game maker,and c++ can do almost everything in games,thx again have a nice day sir :D
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