Minecraft Shift Click Problem

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Hey I have been playing Minecraft on my computer and I have always held down shift and clicked to quick move an object. But now when I normally click, it auto moves the object. Does anyone know why? Thanks in advance.
Quick move means that it will move automatically without having to drag it.
I have the same problem on occasion, it's just minecraft glitching out. Close and open it worked for me (Minecraft that is).
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What?! Minecraft has a bug? No way.
@computerquip it's actually a bug in LWJGL, not Minecraft.

@cstarter2000 yeah you have to close Minecraft completely to fix it. It just happens randomly, I don't know why.
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Press right-shift once. That should fix it.
Nope, doesn't matter which shift you use. I've tried everything; the only solution is to exit and relaunch the game.
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You sure its not a bug from them using a version of LWJGL from several years ago? Here on Linux, I have to literally replace the LWJGL binaries (updated binaries) myself to get sane functionality.

By the way, for the sake of a constructive reply, you can try that to fix your problem.
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I have the latest LWJGL version and the bug still occurs - all LWJGL versions I've tested have various bugs with keyboard and mouse input.
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