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Ah kay zereo I had been going through old posts cos there was a book thread and that must have been one of them
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Here you go devon this is a great C++ book list
ah fanks zereo, came into some money today
I'd say learn to program and build a time machine! If you succeed, you'll be smarter programmer alive, famous, and rich! ;)

Seriously, LB's advice is the best, just keep plugging away and code whatever comes to mind.
hey witch book out of these is better, im gonna buy one of them

I wanted the first one, but im so new to programming the other one could give me a head start, I did want to get into c++11 possibilities though :/

Im was at the stage of writing linked lists out without having to go back to my notes but I moved onto everyother language in the world so I need to get back into c++, maybe classes that are all template and all that, which book there? I know there are book threads but this is a toss up between the two, the c++11 one IS more in date.

im getting on with learning programming but I wish there was a book that taught me about IDEs linkers all that first stuff that applies to all languages.
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Still trying to get SFML and boost linked up? If you want I got time tomorrow while I am at work I can join a IRC chat and walk you through it. If worst comes to worst I would recommend grabbing a programmer you trust and getting him to do it either by him coming to you if you know him personally or by limited remote access if you don't.
Its very kind of you to offer Zereo, Im preoccupied tomorrow but would love to take you up on that, have to remember how to get irc running too :/ i got a few friends who may be good at this stuff but are a spot belligerent, I will try them first save you the chore
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