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Greeting Programs!

I'm trying to get back into programming. I first started programming back in 1993 using Cobol and Ada. I have since long forgotten programming in both of those languages. However, I am wanting to get into learning C++. I have a few friends that have recommended it as a starting point for getting into other possibilities in the programming field.

So far, I have purchased a book called C++ in 24 hours. I do know that this is just an introductory book and will not go into great detail on many theories or subjects within C++. I have just been told it is a good place to start.

My question is a simple one. My goal, and I know it will be a long one, is to end up in game design. What kind of classes would be ideal for me to look into? What prerequisite classes should I take if any before getting into a degree program through a school?

Constructive suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your insight.
Game design or game programming?

They're not particularly synonymous.

If it's games programming, strong maths skills is the usual prerequisites. Algebra, trigonometry, vectors and matrices spring to mind.

if you do game design then you will not be doing much if any programming. If you do its probrably using a scripting language. Game programming is not just programming games, its coding all sorts of software as well. There are tools programmers, engine programmers, game ai and logic programmers, gui programmers and so on. Good luck on your journey.
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Thank you both for your input. Really opening my eyes to some things and I am starting to see where some of my misconceptions were about what I was looking at.

I guess I need to focus on that at a later time. Right now, I'll just try and focus on learning C++. After that, not sure what to do.

Thanks again.
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