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I keep hearing .NET in interviews and was wondering - If I wanted to take the next step in programming and focus my efforts on being an asset to a company that develops with C#/Javascript/.etc.. (say for healthcare industry), what are some of the languages/frameworks I will need to learn and can you recommend any good learning resources (books, tutorials, etc?) I know a little C++, PHP, and SQL. To give you some heading on my knowledge level, I don't know what .NET is.
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.NET and ASP.NET is a giant library (framework) which works best with C# and VB. However works also well with C++, IronPython, JavaScript and Ruby on rails.

For any commercial programming these days, Knowing .Net is a great advantage for sure.

You should read:

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If you want to do backend web-application coding learn Java and Cassandra. Cassandra is becoming the next Oracle.
I'm thinking I need to focus on C# with .NET and Java and Javascript. I'd also like to do mobile phone games and applications. Life's too short...
rcast wrote:
Life's too short...

The learning curve of new technologies drops significantly over time. After you've learned several different things, learning something new but related gets much easier.
.NET and Java are on par with each other as they are both geared towards high productivity, and reliable abstractions. .NET gives you a few different languages but if you want to maximize your time stick to C# and Java as they are similar in syntax and oop concepts. Javascript is a different beast as it is a prototype object oriented language (though with a C syntax). Learning Javascript is highly recommended (even essential) if what you plan to do involves client side web-based interaction. The .NET version of a web framework is ASP.NET.

If you are serious about .NET then download the visual studio 2010 express versions of c# and the web developer as these IDE's will greatly simplify your experience. There are a ton of tutorials out there. Some tutorials are just platforms for developers to show off their knowledge so stay away from those and go for the simple and basic ones first. For web development you need to learn 3 things: How to construct an asp/aspx page, how to construct a codebehind page, and how to set up the config page (which ties together the codebehind and asp/aspx page). It can be confusing and downright ugly to your eyes at first (when compared to simple PHP), but once you start seeing the reasons for each piece the whole ASP.NET framework gets pretty.

I've learned a lot by just using the website. For ASP.NET . This site also has a very good javascript tutorial. GL!
Great, thank you. Learning these languages sequentially can be a goal for me.
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