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Does anyone here think this makes me a bad person(read for more info)?

Okay, so I won't say what happens at home, or anything crystal clear in my personal life, but let's say I don't live an "ok" life. Simple? Good. Let's keep it that way.

My life at home with my family isn't good. I yearn for attention, and there's a huge array of problems(I guess that can be a side-joke since this is a C++ site).

I have in the past, for many years, made up multitudes of fake online personas to harass, instill fear, and aggravate users online. I also develop unhealthy obsessions with people, and end up draining my resources, money, and emotions in them. I know this calls for psychological help, but I want some of your opinions on this.

Since I was sixteen I had become extremely obsessed with an actor whom I never met, yet spent thousands of dollars on all of their movies, etc. Everything. I even threatened, harassed, and almost go in to legal trouble constantly with the obsessions, but I always mix them with "love", "sister-like relationships", etc.

You can argue that since my relationship with my sister is broken, some online psychologist said I am trying to "Find a replacement for the emotional voids and human deprivation, such as obsessions with young women that really are symbolic for a yearning desire to get back, or fix, the relationship with my sister".

Eventually the problem faded away, but combined with my social anxiety, anxiety in general, broken family, and poverty way of living I don't think I'm to fully blame(excluding all the verbal abuse).

This is not a lie, I am coming clean to you people here, because I have leered and spammed this site under hundreds of aliases for many years, and I know every single entire user on this site.

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I have no idea who you are

edit: Why can i edit this reported post? O.o
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i feel like we have a sequel to cyberwarfares movie
There is currently a legal case that is sill going on (5 years later) where a woman had a similar situation you have. It was found that she had a tumor in her brain.

Also, how do we know you are not pulling the wool over our eyes?
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probably. they admitted to being spoonlicker
Multiple Personality Disorder?

My question to you is: what do you want from us? do you want us to give you insight into your situation? or do you want comfort?
I say you let the past be the past and you allow yourself to acknowledge and solve your problems.
See an actual psychologist. Strangers on a programming forum won't be able to do you any good.
I have a feeling this is just another attempt at trolling, although it may actually be partially true. Maybe OP can't help his or herself. I agree with ascii in any case.
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btw ascii, do you know how pointers work i need tutrial but nobody her will fucking help me learn pointers fully

Nooo! You're slipping!!! Pull it together man!
have you tried traveling? broadening ones horizons, leaving the house? ascii is right though
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Sisters are a pain in the ass.
I though he might be pulling the wool over our eyes...
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