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Well, I've seen Les Miserables. Heard Wolverine sing. Felt sorry for Javert when he killed himself, but still, the sound effect was hilarious! OH SNAP!

ITT, your favorite/recently viewed movie, characters, moments.
Cloud Atlas.

Best movie I've seen in a while. Just watch it, I've tried to explain it before but I suck at explaining stuff.
The Prestige, The Machinist and Watchmen are among the best movies I've seen, recently or otherwise.
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My sophomore year of highschool, the theater department put on Les Miserables. The Drama director was embezzling copious amounts of cash from the district and funneling it into the play. He was fired the following year, but the performance he helped the students put on was phenomenal and got our school some serious recognition.

Incidentally, our band director was doing the same thing and funnelling it into the marching band. No one ever admitted it, but it was a well known secret that they were doing it together.

OH as for recently viewed movies, I watched Summer Wars for the first time recently. It's an anime movie from the same director who did the 2nd and 3rd Digimon movie in japan. He's the second closest thing Japan has for a Walt Disney (Hayao Miyazaki of course being the first)

The movie is adorable and definitely worth checking out. It's the same basic premiss as the 1980s movie War Games, but centering around an AI virus and a virtual world called OZ, and the lead voice actor in the English Dub is the voice of Dean Venture from Venture Bros (and he's perfect for that role)

There's this one scene where a character known as King Kazuma, the undefeated champion of the Oz martial arts tournements, takes on the antagonist and the combination of the Music and visuals (and maybe the fact that I had just smoked a bowl of the herb) left me breathless. This coming wednesday the anime Club at the university I live by will be having a movie night in the Theater of the student union, and they will be showing Summer Wars. I cannot wait!
Watchmen, Captain America, Avengers, Green Mile.

Well actually I like all movies I watch, even the terrible ones so I can't really say which I liked best.
I recently watched Serenity (again) because I watched Firefly (again).

"This is the captain. We have a little problem with our entry sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then - explode."
Two of my favorites are Master and Commander and The Patriot. I love period dramas with realistic settings. Mel Gibson and Russel Crowe are also two of my favorite actors.
I saw The Call recently, solid, tense, attention-holding movie.. until the completely unrealistic ending. They should have ended it soon after the call ends, that would really drive home the core message of the rest of the movie.

Favorite movie: Lola rennt
anyone seen breakfast of champians? lol soo woozy
Favourites: The Shawshank Redempion, Coach Carter, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (to name a few).

Recent and decent: Django Unchained (the first 90 minutes, at least), Looper, Skyfall.
Just watched Super 8 on netflix and son is watching Batman Beyond (though not a movie). I watch a lot of movies on netflix and remember my childhood by watching series too. X-men, Gen 1 Transformers, Power Rangers, He-Man, etc.
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I just bought Watchmen because for some absurd reason I didn't own it. Now time to make my girlfriend watch it and damnit she's gonna love it!
A couple of movies I've seen and found worth watching: (Kiki's Delivery Service) (The Man from Earth) (Grandma's Boy) (Night Watch) (Day Watch)
has anyone watched the fall? visually that film is perfection.
usual suspects :D
Wristcutters: thers an indy film worth watching
has anyone seen the "imaginarium of dr parnaseus"? anything where tom waits plays the devil is worth watching
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I recently rewatched V for Vendetta. Twice in a week.
Wreck it Ralph...
Requiem for dream
The fountain
Mr nobody
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

The best of the best.o
the fountain was reeeeely far out

the million dollar hotel :D i love that character
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This looks good too ->

I haven't seen it yet, but I just added it to my to-watch list.
I have the Indie Game The Movie documentary on my list for netflix. Yet to watch it yet.
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