So I bought a motor scooter

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In my city driving a car means 30 minutes of looking for parking if you want to go in the centre of the city. I would never exchange my scooter for a car.
My big sister wiped out on a racing bike, she slid through a lightly wooded area at 70 miles an hour and didnt hit a single one!! she never got back on a bike.

My whole family were into bikes, they all stopped riding, about a third of the friends they grew with died or lost an appendage,

family christmas is funny because we have family friends over and only half of them can deal with "pass the salt for different reasons"

Of course I loved bikes, I used to pretend to ride my dads various motorcylces that were lying around his shed, going mouldy, cos a kids gonna want to be a biker like his dad was

someone offered me a yammy DT and the dream of being a true biker (they often started on that one, true bikers would give it looks even if I had L plates on it)

I had to give it up though, family kind of interviened they said there were too many cars on the road when they were driving, that and im not really the kind of person who would notice a double decker bus let alone someone pulling out,

and its true I have to be really careful around cars cos im a space cadet
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I whiped out on my second day of ownership, however it had just rained and I had my first time riding one was when I drove off the lot. Since then I've signed up for a road safety course that's offered for free at the local University and have primarily avoided major roads.

The scooter only gets up to 40, 45 max.
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Did that wipe out mess up your scooter much? I crashed my sportbike once and did almost $2,000 damage (mostly cosmetic). Glad you didn't get hurt badly. Be careful!!
Not too bad, only some scratches along the left hand side.
Last year I bought a bike (as in the one with the pedals, not the American sense) so I could avoid the bus to go to school. After nearly a year without any major incidents, last month I was out for some exercise and while I was doing about 30 km/h on a soft downward slope I suddenly found myself flying forward, shortly followed by scraping my face against the pavement. My high momentum probably kept me from veering to the side, which would have been dangerous with the parked cars on one side and the speeding traffic on the other.
Luckily I was at walking distance from the hospital. I had to get stitches above my right brow and my left wrist hurt so bad I thought I had broken it -- it still hurts just a little bit. Also scrapes on my palms, shoulders, chin, and left knee.
Initially I thought I had hit a bump on the road or something, but after eliminating all other possibilities and confirming that my rear axle was bent out of shape, I think a car must have hit me from behind. The asshole didn't even bother to stop. Some people just have no decency.
Helios, did your insurance pay for that? Did they ever find out who the guy was?(Health Insurance)
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Yes, and no. Although I can't think of any other possibility, I still don't know if there was a guy.
maybe you were out for a few seconds?
I definitely didn't.
A similar thing happened to me last week. My (pedal) bike is far too small for me (I got it when I was seven and haven't bought a new one because I don't ride it often) and it's really hard to control. Me and some friends went to what is apparently a bomb crater from WWII. It has this slope which is only about two stories high but it's really steep - at the top, you can't see the rest of the slope because it's so steep. Anyway, so I went off the slope and lost control. I think I braked the front wheel to slow myself down, and that must have sort of spun the bike around, and I came straight off. I only scraped my finger so naturally I decided to do it again. This time, I lost control and went right into this tree branch (apparently I did something else stupid which caused me to lose control again, but I can't remember what it was; even in the absence of mistakes this bike has really poor handling). Anyway, so I scraped my face and my left elbow and knee, and I have a bruise and a minor scrape on my chest, but I was totally fine otherwise.

And speaking of being out, there's this place near where I live where you can get onto the roof of some shop. There are some stairs behind the shop and from the area at the top of the stairs you can climb onto a low roof. There's then a higher-up roof of the same building with a ledge going up to it. I ran to vault the ledge and get onto the higher roof in one movement, but I'd forgotten that there's this randomly placed thing that sticks out from the lower roof (I have no idea what it is or what it's for, it just juts out) and I tripped over it at my maximum speed and ended up slamming head-first into the ledge, which was about six feet away. I didn't think I had passed out because none of the people I was with said anything (it was night so they couldn't see, but they heard the bang and they would have noticed if it had taken me a long time to stand up), but I'm not so sure any more because I can't really remember the few seconds after the collision and I remember not being able to see for a couple of seconds. Good thing I had the sense to stand still until my vision returned because I was standing on a rooftop and could have easily fallen and been more seriously injured. Also I don't seem to have any brain damage, so that's g
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When I was about 13 I was riding my brother's bike down a hill in the pouring rain despite the bike not having working breaks. I slammed headfirst into a car pulling out of a drive way. It wasn't moving, and was full of a bunch of college kids. They were freaking out pretty bad, and if not for my helmet I would have been dead.

To this day I don't know how long I was unconscious. Like I said, it was pouring rain when I hit the car, but when I woke up the sun was out.

edit: The MRI they did at the hospital showed that I didn't suffer any brain trauma, but I swear that since that day I haven't been as good at math as I was before. Before the incident, if you gave me a date within the last century and forward a century I could tell you what day of the week it was/will be in under 5 seconds. After the fact it would take me at least 30 seconds.
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I slammed into a car, only it was parked, true story :(
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I ran into a parked car once when I was still learning how to ride without training wheels, it was very traumatic. Another time I ran right into a massive concrete/stone pillar, but I was just walking... not entirely sure how I didn't see it.
I've had a few interesting accidents on bicycles when I was younger, but nothing like my sister. We were out riding one day, weaving around some car stops when she hit one and fell over. Her head smacked into the corner of one of the car stops and it did some pretty decent damage.

She asked me how bad it was. And since I always know the right thing to say, I said "You've got a hole in your head," which... didn't go over too well. We were about 5 blocks from home. I asked her if she could walk her bike so it wouldn't be stolen, and she did. We walked 5 blocks home (passing several people on their porches out enjoying the weather who didn't offer to help) with her bleeding steadily from the wound in her forehead. She had to go to the hospital and get stitches.

We also had a mini-bike we kept at Granddad's out in a rural area where we could ride it around without worrying too much about traffic and stuff. My sister and my cousin rode double on the thing and hit a rut wrong on a dirt track. My sister ended up with a dislocated hip and spent about a month in traction at the hospital.

Fun times.
Why does everyone on here have tragic bike stories? O_O
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I don't never really got into riding pedal bikes or motorized bikes. Though I do have some tragic snow mobile (Or snow machine whatever you prefer) stories ;p
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L B wrote:
You get 73 miles per gallon!? O_O

Haha my Prius Plugin gets 80mpg if I drive it in slow traffic (for about 30 miles)... :P
@fredbill, bikes are dangerous, all kinds :/ how can a skidoo ever go wrong ??
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Why does everyone on here have tragic bike stories? O_O

Because bikes are so insanely dangerous that this crap happens all the time.

Hence my original reply to this thread.
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