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I dont really understand what the new relic agent is or how to use it but I want the T-shirt

I want to be nerdier, by which I mean more intelligent AND funnier looking, I think the T-shirt will help, at least for my nerd self esteem, but I dont realy know what a new relic agent is, I imagine I link to it in a code and use it for something? what do they get out of it? statistics?

I look on line but I need someone to explain to me in baby/beginner language
What T-shirt are you talking about? Do you have a link to an online picture or something?
okay http://newrelic.com/ give you a cool t shirt for launching their 'agent' i saw this video http://newrelic.com/nerdlife they give you this Tee http://newrelic.com/images/signup/shirt_datanerd.png

I want an XL size so I can play basket ball in it
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any takers? you shud get a t-shirt too :)
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New Relic is just a web application performance tool, IE it does performance testing.
so what it will tell me how my program is doing and they will give me a t shirt?

oh and happy dead thatcher day.
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Margret Thatcher was a amazing women and did a lot for the UK the best peace time prime minister in history I would say.
she called nelson Mandela a terrorist!! and destroyed all benevolent community spirit and all the community work the people ever did by themselves, thats why she said 'theres no such thing as society'

she befriended and defended pol pot and pinochet, she was lower than a slug.

she was a real monster, the rest of the world doesnt realy know much about her though so I forgive you for your ignorance, that film about her was a bit odd too, not the thatcher from this world.

When she destroyed the mining industry the ex miners were angry and wanted money for food and jobs, when they protested she called them the 'enemy within', Tories hate people power in this country, check this video of soldiers in police uniforms beating up a pregnant hippy woman, thatcher condones the behaviour in the fallout afterwards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JCkUZAwvEA

there is a film called hunger, thatchers speech is chilling, she most likley was a sociopath
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No sense making this thread into another political debate. We will never agree because to be honest you're are one of the most out there leftists I have ever met ;p. Also didn't think I would ever say this but I am getting quite bored with debates over politics on here lol.
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I cant be bothered either but im not left or right i just want whats best, but I can forgive your ignorance on thatcher and thatcherism cos you are a foriegner and I know that you cant abide fascism so I could actually sway you(because the media dont cover the fact that she was actually mad, i mean nelson mandella a terrorist, pinochet and pol pot allies!?), just I will change your opinion on that another day.
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but I can forgive your ignorance on thatcher and thatcherism cos you are a foriegner

Haha this made me chuckle. Considering all the claims you make on my country (Which you are a foreigner of) I will forgive your ignorance to. And no you couldn't sway me ;p
LOL oh yeah fair point :/

-be swayed- (or lose interest half way down the list)

she was like charles dickenses wet dream of an evil leader

The miners
The shipbuilders
The steelworkers
The old that froze to death
The old that couldn't afford food
For the thousands made homeless

The North
The disenfranchised black youth
The lost generation of young
The Hillsborough families
The men dead in a conflict designed to win her an election
The men traumatised from the Falklands War
For Northern Ireland

My Mam and Dad
My Grandparents
My long lost sister ( :( )
Every LGBT kid who committed suicide due to Section 28 in schools
The teachers
The victims of gaybashing which were never investigated due to pressure from her government
For the gay men stitched up and banged up for being gay

The women of Greenham Common who were beaten and had their kids forcibly taken into care for no reason
For the men and women assaulted in the Battle of the Beanfield
For the men and women consigned to the scrapheap
For the services that used to belong to all of us and now are badly run in the hands of the rich
For the country that used to stand for social justice and created the National Health Service
The mentally ill thrown out on the streets <= this was effed up when it happened

The children abused in care homes and ignored or worse abused by some in her government
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