Linux in assembly

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im nu to coding and i wanna make linux using nothing but assembly. ive programmed in python for a few weeks, is that gunna be enough?
Yus. Python and assembly are very similar. The OOP works just about the same in them and they have similar syntax as they both derive from Haskell.
i have sum questions. What are OOP? What is a syntax? and what is haskell??? Is that like machine code?

also this is for a school project so i want to pay someone to code it for me and let me put my name on it after i turn it in I'll seel it and make millions
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If your elite you should write your own compiler for your own language before you use it to write your own operating system. In Python.
Is it me, or is there an air of sarcasm to this thread?

@OP If you want to make linux, then you would need to read the linux kernel specification, and have a full knowledge of asm. Also, I would recommend at least 5-7 years of c/c++ and asm programming, as well as a good knowledge of Operating Systems and other important CS concepts.
lol u noob u dnt need tht stuff just be good at python programming n u can write an os easy
import os

# put ur code here
os.quit() # dnt forget 2 shutdown 
psssh...i'm so gewd, i have my own language and one line of code. just have to think what i want and it does it.

// going to hell for this joke 

you shud ax spoonkicker for advic on it
spoonkiller onlee knose ho 2 spam & rapporto il posts
no he wuz makn an oper ate her sister
All we have to do is pray to Kenji and we will be saved!
Hey Script coder.

this is the joke.
This is your head.

LOL, I did not ook at who was posting, thought you were some first time noob :D
We're all first time noobs. It's just that some of us are veteran first time noobs.
Speaking of first time noobs, I mentioned to my roommate that I was playing around with a new language and he said he couldn't wait till he was experienced enough to be able to say that he's playing around with a new language and not studying the crap out of a new language so that he can sort of make use of it maybe.

It occurred to me that I can't remember how long it took for me to reach a point where I could easily just pick up a language. He had just finished the 3rd comp sci course at our university last semester.
Your roommate will stop being a noob when he realizes that even studying the crap out of a language is playing around with a new language. How else are you going to learn it if you don't play with it? o.O
I want to join in but Im so n00b I dont know where the sarcasm is, I would love to write an OS, will I be able to do it after three years at a good UNI(college to USAers)?
I would love to write an OS, will I be able to do it after three years at a good UNI(college to USAers)?

I've written test bootloading software, and very small kernels with I/O and video display, interrupts, and I dropped out of high school(i.e., I never went to university, tech schools, any schooling afterwards, etc.).
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I would love to write an OS, will I be able to do it after three years at a good UNI

You can write a basic OS, with limited functionality in three years. But writing a fully fledged OS by yourself in three years is impossible.
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