SFML 2.0 is released (?)

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Laurent's SFML github repository has finally added the 2.0 tag after a very long RC period. No announcement on sfml-dev.org yet, but I'm assuming it's coming soon.

Also, SDL 2.0 is being released next month. These releases will make things much easier to develop native 2-D games with their hardware-accelerated drawing APIs.
SFML 2.0 has been beta for at least 2 years.
The RC's first birthday is next week (15th).
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SDL upstream has been tagged as SDL 2 for 5+ years. Beat that! Oh wait...
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Actually, there is no 2.0 tag available upstream.

Actually, there is no 2.0 tag available upstream.

This site needs silly sound effects. It needs smileys. It needs a lot of thing...
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Shame on me....[sarcasm] [/sarcasm] tags should be standard in forum markup these days, lol.
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There's no way to explicitly convey sarcasm on the internet, everyone knows that!
SFML 2.0 has been available long before the RC was released... I think.
hey will SFML 2.0 be easier to install??
SFML has never needed to be installed.
what have I been trying to do then o.O
You have been trying to put yourself through excess trouble.
I thought I had get mingw, pop libraries in one box .o's(or was it .a's) in another and such other things, why? what was I supposed to do? because I never succeeded and always wanted to.
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I've always just used Cmake...
It's never been excessively difficult for me.
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Except you need cmake to make cmake...so...

(Kidding, of course, but unless you know where to look it certainly seems that way)
Kidding, of course, but unless you know where to look it certainly seems that way

Haha, it does kind of seem like that.

There are binary distributions though:
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seriously hopeless me trying to install it, where do you read documentation that explains what the documentation it comes with means?
Again, you don't "install" it. It's just a library - you build the binaries and link to them, and include the headers, etc. simple as that.
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