What is your opinion on fractal art?

I want to go into game design and over the past few weeks I have seen some amazing procedural images through fractals namely the Mandelbrot set. Are Chaos sets worth looking in to?

Mandelbrot Set:

Fractal Tree procedurally generated

Planet procedurally generated:
Fractals are awesome :) I like using fractals on my desktop background.
I love fractal art, the only problem I have is I cannot find a nice book that will teach a beginner how to make them.
Is the Electric Sheep project still around? It evolves fractals based on aesthetic appeal.
it was amazing to see organic shapes bought about by inorganic mathematical algorythms
@Cubbi yes they still do fractal art they only take submissions nowadays I believe tho

@devonrevenge Yeah these are just a few I found right off the bat ive seen amazing results from using these simple formulas
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