I have isolated two books, I can afford to buy one, can you help me with my decision?

I had fun with Java, now I want to go back to real c++ programming and im a beginner and I know the basic ass basics,

im caught between three possibilities

c++ cook book: so its like a book of little example codes and explanations, I bet its written in a fun readable way too, I thought I could get back into c++ coding with lots of simple little ideas and good practices, the downside is trying to install boost makes me cry, and the book uses some boost


the c++ standard library: I could get intimate with all the new bits and use it as a reference, codeblocks has c++11 on it already and this thing will tell me how to use it, the downside is, It may not help me out so much with best practice and technique, its also going to be used as a reference not a fun learning system


effective c++:I just heard it was good, it seems like it will explain all sensible c++ programming bit by bit, downside is i get the impression though that i will have to re-read it and throw it across the room several times until a subject makes sense to me

cookbook- http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cookbook-Cookbooks-OReilly-Ryan-Stephens/dp/0596007612/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365538399&sr=8-1&keywords=C%2B%2B+cookbook

standard library-http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/0321623215/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

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Book 1 seems the worst choice, so you should probably go for either book 2 or book 3.

Book 2... hmm well you already have two great, free references for C++... the book's strong point is that it contains material on C++11.

Book 3 is the one I would go for. It's basically a collection of 55 tips and tricks.
None of these books for now. I would suggest you start with something like this: http://www.stroustrup.com/Programming/ Then afterwards go with Book 3.
Note this is not the 4th edition of The C++ Programming Language and it uses the current ISO standard C++, C++98, rather than C++11.

I love how Stroustrup himself disregards C++03 for the irrelevant addendum that it is.

1268 pages

See you later Devon. Much later.
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Book 3 if you are set on just them three. I am not sure what you know so far so would be hard to judge which book would be the best for you. Another suggestion though is if you don't already have a reference book that goes into depth on each subject of C++ I would recommend picking up a book like The C++ Primer 5th Edition (NOTE: Do not get the Primer Plus version, it is of much poorer quality in my opinion). The 5th Edition has been updated for C++11 so that is a added bonus for you since you want to learn about C++11.

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I took Oria's advice for now, but I actually have enough for a second book anyway, so this thread still counts, technical I shouldn't have bothered posting this, but now primer you say :/

Why are new books cheaper than used ones on amazon?? why are technical books so expensive? what in the bloody hell?
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I have books 2 and 3, I haven't started effective yet but have heard it's a very good book. I'm about 300 pages into #2 and I feel out is a very good c++ 11 reference but definitely not a beginner book. My suggestion, get a beginner book like primer or accelerated them start the effective series (3 books) then the standard reference.
thats simple naruku, cheers :D
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