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I'm in a spot I hate being in. I hate to admit when I am wrong, but I have no choice. I'm wrong on this one and both Zereo and chrisname are right.

[EDIT]Well not right in one regard as chrisname proved that Jargon is used within a group and not factual to anyone else outside of that group. As we are talking about hacker in regard to how programmers (group) define it as opposed to the general public (group) define it.
chrisname wrote:
The "Jargon File" is the de facto official dictionary of hacker terms, we're not talking about just some jargon people in that group tend to use. Yes, hacker can be used for other things---it's also a golf term as your dictionary states---but the hacker sub-culture has its own dictionary called the Jargon File that defines it in the way that it was originally meant when applied to programmers(group) and computer science(group and profession).

That shows I am right on that point as anyone not in those groups don't use those definitions and consider crackers and hackers one and the same. So Jargon file is only de facto to a small group and not the world (unless the world becomes programmers and computer science). Just like everyone doesn't use medical jargon outside nurses and doctors.
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1) Dunno if someone already mentioned this:
Cleaning up of all the irrelevant and (maybe) useless posts, so the important points can be found easily.

2) An easier way to find the other FAQ at on the home page. Either I'm blind or the link to this FAQ is missing from the front page. I never even knew about it until Duoas posted a link in the forum. Also, I hope that this FAQ will replace the one at, as the prior is much more comprehensive and answers the same questions.
That FAQ is far from being complete. Also, in my opinion, it touches non-C++ stuff which would be just as well off in a regular article -- or not at all, at least not on this site. For example:

I would much rather recommend that people use std::sort().

I honestly appreciate the effort, and I myself have to learn from that page -- but the question is, what place does it have in an FAQ for C++? Cut down on the paraphernalia or change the name from "C++ F.A.Q." to "Applied C++ Tutorial" or something similar.
Also some FAQ links seem down? I've tried just two and they didn't work.
BHXSpecter wrote:
since chrisname wants me to stop using dictionary as a reference, like it was designed for

I don't want you to stop using it as a reference, I want you to stop using it as an authority.
chrisname wrote:
I don't want you to stop using it as a reference, I want you to stop using it as an authority.

*sniffles* You mean the dictionary isn't the English Bible? Guess I won't go to hell for using one as a door stop then.
Anybody else notice how ftp:// links don't work?
I did. In fact we didn't report ftp links don't work when we reported https links.
Why cant we add a Mac section. Just a thought.
Why cant we add a Mac section. Just a thought.

Because Mac is Unix.
Besides, that environment favors Objective-C over C++, no?
true but MAC has slightly different Kernel. so when developing in Low level MAC section would be useful
I think that Zaita means there should be a spam collector which I'm apposed to because they can ban people for questions people are actually serious on.

*cough* Me *cough*
I'm opposed to your apposition.
That's because you hate me. I'm opposed to your opposition that is opposed to my opposition.
Ask me something, and it's ok.
Ask me, even a favor, and it's ok.
But don't make me try to understand what you're saying.
If LB hates you then you may be in trouble already. I've learned from experience, once one person hates you, it becomes easier to get others to hate you. So with that in mind, a person in the power to ban may hate you and just waiting for a reason to do so ;). Everyone hates me, but I don't care because it is an equal opportunity hate :P.
Suggestion: we should have a Visiting Hall section, where some people would be restricted, and regulars can post at their leisure.
So Catfish5 won't be allowed there.
Why shouldn't Catfish5 be allowed? It's the upcoming version with a new sense of humor and a much improved sarcasm engine!
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