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The problem with this though is that trolls would just spam the beginner section instead

IMHO, I don't think they would that much, it would be sort of boring for them there. It's also not just trolls, but people that just don't follow the forum's guideline at all.
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Ohh I see now ya I would agree with that also.
I would like to vote against having signatures.
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This isn't a democracy LB ;p
Your name is not 'twicker' or 'admin' ;)
Mwhaha It is now!!! I even got both of them in the same name.

color C++11 keywords in [code] tags

I would also suggest stronger colors for macros and literals.
@LB: To find out an post's "internal BBCode-like representation", this post has its own ID (The Report button uses this ID by calling in javascript: post(ID).report() like ).

Taken this ID, you can get its representation by going to: (ID here)

Example for my post:

You can see how you don't really need to "decode" a post via javascript.

This feature is available from the "Edit" button.

For those who go to this link:
Also tags are rawly retrieved
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@EssGeEich ah, that makes sense, though I would have just used the post hyperlink (the chain to the left of the date). Why did you give up? It certainly seems simple at first, is there some complication or snag?
Nice hack, EssGeEich.
I'll try to fix these bugs next week, but no promises on new features for now (sorry, updating the reference is keeping me busy lately).
Regarding the signatures... I'm not really convinced.... Any more thoughts about it?
We appreciate your hard work twicker - don't stress yourself.

Personally I don't like the idea of signatures - I think this forum should be strictly for helping with and discussing programming. I don't think signatures contribute to that in any way. Information and links can be posted when needed.

(Obviously I think off-topic things are fine in the lounge from time to time)
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the ability to stop following a thread
Personally I don't like the idea of signatures

Me neither.
No avatars, no signatures, no user info area attached to each post -- it's good as it is, with emphasis on the post, and straight to the point.


the ability to stop following a thread

+1, totally forgot about this one.
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thank you
You already can stop following a thread, tracking options at bottom of page.
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that doesnt let me stop, just emails and notifications
Hmm wait a minute. If you choose Subscribe, then click Cancel, then choose the blank area and click OK, I think you can remove the thread from My topics...

Edit: nope.
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oh cool thanks for sharing
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that didnt work
1. Because it will be Chrome-only. I made other Chrome extensions, I got loads of friends asking me to make it again for Firefox, who has a completely different working.
2. Because Chrome restricts executable javascript on a specific page, not as in what I write in the first place but, say I wanted to add the code for the post(ID).quote() function:

1. I first make the code assuming I can use a "this" element to access the Post ID
2. I make the actual code
3. I store it in a string
4. I create a JS script in the page who executes it

If I get errors, I don't know where they are in the code.

And I get errors about opening the Reply box, and I can't figure out Why it doesn't open.

I am still thinking about doing this and I still have the code, but I'm missing an icon (I'm using the Report icon right now for testing).

I'm going to get going another bit more with this anyways, maybe I can do something good.
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