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@devon you sound like a child with a new toy :)
no its just that dream in code have one and it sounds cool, their members who use it get the name 'swampy' I want to be one of them.
XD LOL I have never explored DIC in that much detail. In fact barely even use their site for answers when Googling.
They got interesting things over there, RSS feeds, data swamps, and some kind of hall monitor system.

Im even more intrigued I guess cos im perma banned :/

they have good tutorials and understandable articles and they all get posted!

I got banned though because there was a bit of a communication breakdown they got very annoyed with me when I commented on thumbs downs racking up, I was just playing but they took it VERY seriously, a few more misunderstandings and I was banned!

I knew nothing of forum etiquette then but those guys are fussy, and they are so cliquey that if its rag week for one of them they are all in sync!

so to read anything I have to use tor browser and it takes for ever to save the article I need, one day though one day I will make fools of them all >:)

EDIT: can someone nip over there and tell me what it is?
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That is exactly why I love it here: good people, good forum and most importantly a brilliant administrator.
maybe twickers been trapped in an avalanche or has been swept away on a banana boat and we are the first people to realize that twickers gone missing?

His boss will get some news that his websites gone to pot and its denizens are demanding twicker show himself, his boss calls him but theres no reply so twickers boss thinks nothing of it for a few days,

soon he goes to twickers house after days of not getting through on his phone, he hears that the tellies on and the doors open but no one answers, twickers boss wanders inside to see a grubby kid watching telly, "wheres your dad" he asks "hes gone banana boating" says the kid "he hasnt come back for three weeks" as if it was a normal everyday thing, twickers boss calls the cops.

hours later the police find his speed boat drifting near a beach in miami, its empty but its clear that it was hauling a banana boat and that there was five people in it at one point by the changes of clothes and scuffmarks on the hitch that contained traces of inflatable banana.

the coast guard sets of to find twicker and his friends on the possibly drifting banana boat that came detached somehow, it takes several weeks to find it drifting near the southern peninsula of Argentina (very dangerous straights i have heard) and during a daring rescue in stormy high seas an exhausted twicker is hauled into a helicopter,

when asked what happened twicker painfully recalls a horrifying tale of how he had gone on a office day out and that the driver of the speed boat had shot himself with the flare gun after separating the banana boat in a particularly pernicious current,

he then goes on to talk about how the driver of the boat went crazy "just clicked and started ranting about data swamps and signatures not being added" however the police find in a note at the drivers home with a confession, it was all planned!

the driver did it because his hsares in had gone down and he was a broke and his wife was leaving him and he couldnt get his family that operation they all needed at how it was all twickers fault for neglecting c++.coms denizens wishes.

twicker had to eat his colleagues and use them as bait for fish in order to survive, which was what the desperate and evil shareholder/boat drover had planned.

all this because twicker didnt make the site more exiting, people lost interest and the share value went down, theres a moral in this story somewhere.
@devon after reading (and re-reading) your post I am still absolutely confused as to what is happening. I think I get that it is a funny story about twicker.
Its a moral story about what could happen to admin if they neglect their post
Ah, I see it now :)
I like the simplicity and practically of this forum. No long scrolling through signatures and avatars, no re-scrolling as images load, no "reputation" to worry about, and the posts are so compact that it makes other forums look ugly.

And because of how simple and compact everything is, we don't have to worry about off-topic discussion as much, because it doesn't really affect the look of the topic too much. Lots of good conversations happen here.
Just do away with the forums and go to mailing lists ;).
Mailing lists are impractical, a staple of this forum is the practicality.
How is it practical to have a wishlist that will most likely go ignored by site admins? The only practicality I've seen on this site is the help with code and tutorials, outside that not much practicality to it :P.
How is it practical to have a wishlist that will most likely go ignored by site admins?

You are free to ignore this thread! In fact, strongly encouraged!
I like the minimalist approach of this forum. The only thing I'd really add are C++11 keywords and named links to make posts look more compact.
@BHXSpector maybe you missed it, but twicker did post in this thread, and he's the main admin.
Catfish3 wrote:
You are free to ignore this thread! In fact, strongly encouraged!

Noted...and ignored!
LB wrote:
@BHXSpector maybe you missed it, but twicker did post in this thread, and he's the main admin.

Nope, didn't miss it:
twicker wrote:
I'll try to fix these bugs next week, but no promises on new features for now (sorry, updating the reference is keeping me busy lately).
Regarding the signatures... I'm not really convinced.... Any more thoughts about it?

How many 'wishlist' items has he implemented in the past though?

I think signatures are a waste of time and if you have them it just opens up to possible spam. For example, if signatures are just text, spammers could have Viagra or some retarded link in their sigs. Images? Could have pornography in them. Keeping the site streamlined and as simple as possible is way better than having it overrun with features that most will set and then never mess with again.
BHXSpecter wrote:
How many 'wishlist' items has he implemented in the past though?
Quite a lot, actually. There used to be no "My Topics", no Source Code section, no updated FAQ section, etc.
An admin that actually listens to the users? I thought those where a myth.

Though, didn't they close the source code section due to lack of use? I don't recall seeing a link for that section.
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Noted...and ignored!

I see you're doing your best to be a jackass and to derail this thread.

Oh well. I guess it served its purpose.
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