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@twicker It seems the report button has been removed from the first post of every thread - that's not really a good fix.

As Vlad would say, "you're wrong!" Report buttons are still there.

What I did notice, though, was that links are not clickable. If I'm the only one with this problem, let me know.
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No links for me either he is probably implementing a fix for it.
alignas alignof constexpr decltype nullptr char16_t char32_t noexcept
Excellent! The code tags are now C++11 compliant. ;)
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Wow great job twicker some of the fastest updates I have seen ever. Usually public wishlist threads go ignored on most forums so I give you major props on this and your hard work.
Catfish3 wrote:
As Vlad would say, "you're wrong!" Report buttons are still there.
I don't see a report button on the first post of any thread, but I guess twicker is just fixing the problem and that this is just a temporary fix.
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Maybe it's an interference from SGH's plugin?

Edit: I saw in the screenshot that you don't have it installed. Hmm.
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Other programming forums are way too complicated, some don't even make sense.
It cannot be either, my plugin does not edit already existing buttons, unless you have less than 2kb of free RAM and script allocation errors occurred which is very hard.
And it's not the last page of the topic (The page does not contain the Reply button so it doesn't do anything at all)

Test of both links:


(The first one is the correct one I know, but just making sure twicker isn't inverting roles)

My quote plugin is broken due probably to the update :/
No, I just accidentally disabled it.
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Thers nothing wrong with emoticons, perfect for communication, like a modern alphabet, I swear its the beginning of us getting chinese japanese or korean alphabet.

lets get us some of them
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You would never catch me using emoticons. (^_~)
I hate graphical emoticons, I always disable them in favour of the original ASCII whenever the option is available.
Yes, I'm implementing some of the stuff you guys proposed... Thanks for your help! It's great to have your feedback.
Unfortunately, some stuff would need major changes on the current implementation. But they are noted for future versions.
BTW, if the first post thing is not working properly, try forcing a reload on any page to get the new javascript (Ctrl or Shift + reload).
Thanks twicker, we appreciate the work you're doing on the forums and the reference. We can wait if it takes time ;)

Also, it looks like both http and https hyperlinks are working! Thanks!

EDIT: And yes, the report button is back on first posts again :)
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Thanks, twicker. I have two more things to mention:
1. I just tried to attach a .hpp file to an article, but it was rejected until I renamed it to .h
2. I get an error if I try to delete a sent message or drop an article version.
The errors are

You are not authorized to delete this message

This error may be due to several factors:

You followed a link with an outdated or erroneous address. In this case, please check whether you accessed this URL from an internal link (within our website).
If that is the case make sure you are not accessing from an old cached version of the page:
You can request a fresh page by going back to the referring page (pressing Back in your browser) and forcing an uncached page by pressing Reload while holding the Ctrl key.
If the error persists, please contact our webmaster with the details.

An internal error occurred. In this case, either the server is busy or something went wrong with the request. Please wait a few minutes and try again.
Sometimes this is just a temporary issue, but if the error persists, please contact our webmaster with the details. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

[main page] [contact form]

for sent messages, and
You are not authorized to perform this action (art-D20)
You are logged in as user "chrisname". That user is not authorized to access this feature.
If you are not this user, please, log out, and log back in with your credentials.

for the article.
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^ Attaching files?
&& Nice to see HTTPS links working!
EDIT: Oh, articles, sorry.
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Thanks for the detailed bug report, chrisname. Error messages help tracking bugs a lot!

I think the problem deleting articles was because the article was submitted to be reviewed, and that prevented its deletion. Actually... for no good reason, so now you should be able to drop an article submitted for revision.

The issue with outbox messages shall have been fixed too by now.

BTW, bug reports are welcome here, since I'm following this thread, but you can always use the contact form linked at the bottom.
Could you make thread posts wrap horizontally so that they don't go off-screen (wrap at, say, 80%)? I think that would be useful because when I posted my bug report, the text didn't wrap (hence why I've done it manually) and went off the screen.

[edit] Also, I can confirm that both the bugs I reported earlier have been fixed. Thanks!
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can we have data swamp?
can we have data swamp?

What's that? I'm asking in the hope that you know what it is.
I'm not sure, devonrevenge... is it legal?

@chrisname, output doesn't wrap. that's a feature.
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