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a program that uses a text file. to create a text file that contains the names and address of 5 individuals that you are inviting to a meeting. create the file and enter the data. Write a second program that produces mailing labels for each of the individuals.
The data contained for each person is:
First Name
Last Name
state (2 characters)
email address
phone number

The mailing labels will have the following:
first name Last name
city, st ZipCode

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Three things: wrong forum, no code of your own, bad impression.
I'm asking for a code.
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1) You are double posting, be patient people will help when they can.

2) You are asking in the wrong forum, the lounge is for non C++ related topics. This is a help me with a assignment question and should be in beginners section.

3) You are asking us to code it for you meaning you don't really care about learning it.

Answer) We won't help you because all of the above.
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