Programmer fonts thread

I recently rediscovered the Borland TE font.
It's a 20+ year old bitmap font (that means no antialiasing).

Personally, I think it looks very clean and compact.

So, which font do you use nowadays?
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Wow, that hurts my eyes.

On Windows I use Consolas, and when I'm using Linux I use droid-ttf -- unless I'm on a recent Ubuntu distro then I use Ubuntu Mono.
Courier New, because not using something too mainstream is too mainstream.
Courier New if I'm using vim over a PuTTY connection.

If I'm using VS2012, it's the default font of Consolas. Clean as a whistle.
I keep switching between Consolas and Lucida Console.

On VS2012, I bold the operators and change a lot of the font colors.
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