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Do you think augmented reality could ruin our lives

I thought augmented reality would be cool but actually I think it will make people even more wilfuly ignorant than they are already!

I was watching this, this is believable enough; http://gizmodo.com/5929516/this-is-what-google-glasses-could-have-been

the bit at the end, brrr;

check this the guardian state what im getting at;

Charlie brooker has a dystopian sci-fi thats been bought up by Downey Junior for a remake, his series black mirror will make you give up technology and live in a tree though, you will see an american version of this soon;

the above one would happen the other two can.

I just totaly ruined my fantasy of creating apps for augmented reality headsets in the future, the nature program in the first video (the only serious one) has a snail with a parasite in each eye, lol.

But I guess the media and our educations already tell us what to think without us realizing as it is, so we can pretty much choose to be subtly brainwashed to become compliant peons if we want because we are free.

When they say the geek will inherit the earth do you think its because the geek hooks everyone up to the matrix?
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Is it just me or have links been 'fixed'?*

*By 'fixed' I mean the exact opposite...sarcasm is no fun when you have to explain it.
Grey Wolf:

Maybe https:// links will work now?

apparently... no.
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yayy the links work, do you think augmented reality will ruin our lives?
You can pretend that a real thing is fake and that a fake thing is real, but it can not last.
Links are working and have always worked for me O:
What's not working is devonrevenge's inability to change the topic title.
Im trying to get the title to best say what i mean but its really hard

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this isn't quite a double negative, does it work? I think im having a grammurism :(
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