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What's your favourite Desktop Environment?

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I personally love LXDE; just curious to see what other people think O:
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What's a desktop environment and how does it increase my productivity?

And idk if it really changes productivity, just really the feel of your OS.
I don't use a DE.
tmux on ratpoinson.

@LB: check out virtual desktop. Then ask yourself how do you manage to live without that.
O: How did I not know about tmux or ratpoison?
ne555 wrote:
@LB: check out virtual desktop. Then ask yourself how do you manage to live without that.
Having more than a few windows open makes me feel claustrophobic, having a few windows open in multiple environments feels worse. You people are crazy.
Of course.

I have only one window per workspace. Two monitors though and one screen per monitor. Thus, I see only two windows at a time, but can switch to different workspace for unrelated taks at any time.

XFCE. Haven't bothered to check out anything else. XFCE did replace FVWM2. I might have had TWM in the very beginning. Technically, I don't use most DM features, WM (Window Manager) features suffice.
My favorite part about tmux is this screenshot on their site:

If using Linux, I'm strongly biased towards KDE.

So nowadays I use KDE4, even though I think the best iteration was KDE3... which is why I'll probably start using Trinity DE someday:

I'm running Cinnamon 1.6 with 2 monitors. My second video card is older so I run the light-weight MATE when using 3 monitors. I like the "feel" of Cinnamon much more.

I was running just Compiz for a while and liked it for the first 2 hours until I found out how buggy it was.
keskiverto wrote:
XFCE did replace FVWM2

+1, same here, except I had a short beryl/compiz adventure after getting bored with fvwm2 and before settling with xfce
On Ubuntu I use gnome 3, on Arch I use most of the components of LXDE, but I'm trying to find a replacement for Pcmanfm. I'm currently trying Spacefm and it seems the best solution so far.
I prefer the simplicity and elegance of XFCE, just depends on the theme.
1st PC = Windows7 x64 with 3 monitors (2 Video Cards with total of 3GPUs).
2nd PC = OpenSuSe KDE (remote desktop and SSH from Windows PC)
3rd PC = Windows7 x64 (laptop)

I use Eclipse and GCC on all of them for C++

Mostly I stick with Windows because I don't have to spend hours configuring it or running around using stupid tools on the command line to setup things up. I prefer to download something with a GUI so I can actually get back to working
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I've come to dislike Gnome; pity, it was an old favorite. What the hell's going on with Gnome 3? And why drop BSD support because you can't be bothered to deal with the dbus issue?

I've lived with XFCE4 for some time now, but I've settled on KDE4. Why? It just works.

And my pet hate? Windows 7, but that's probably because I've been shielded from Windows 8. I mean, what was wrong with XP's interface?
I like ubuntu unity, I am getting ready to try lxde on ubuntu though

EDIT: Terrible idea, installing lxde. I am sticking with the default ubuntu desktop
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Windows :p

I have display fusion and Start8 for it though.
Windows 7 is good enough for me. Not being able to re-arrange windows from the same process is a minor annoyance, but everything else is more than I ever use. Not that my screen is large enough to properly utilize "windows" anyway. Those of you with multiple monitors make me jealous :p
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Windows 7 or
Ubuntu with Gnome or
Backtrack with KDE

Backtrack is super sexy, but I don't use it too often :( And work won't let me install it.
I don't get why everyone loves unity so much, I personally can't stand it. I love LXDE, and I've started to like XFCE as well.

EDIT: I really wish that ubuntu had just kept the style of the old Gnome they had in 10.04; rather then make unity the garbage that it is :/
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