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What all did yall do in high school? like im in high school and do boy scouts and football(believe it or not im a nerd whose good in football:P)
Not grammar though, apparently :P

I was in marching band my last two years, outside of that, nothin.
What all did yall do in high school?

supperpiccle wrote:
What all did yall do in high school?
I slowly got worse. I'm still finishing up my senior year, and senior-itis is running rampant.
International Baccalaureate Program, mostly. Which basically means mass procrastination on everything.
What all did yall do in high school?

I was training and completing in chemistry olympiads (e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Chemistry_Olympiad ) and hacking on PDP-11 and IBM XT (the real ones, with ROM BASIC hanging off INT 18h)
Still in high school, but I am mostly practicing for Computer and Maths Olympiads, and for B league table tennis.
lots of drinking and mal behaviour
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No football then:P
I don't remember much of those years... Metal shows, booze and a whole lot of sleeping in class...
Played football and wrestled. Had terrible grades due to never doing homework and never going to class. I wasn't a very good student, was actually kicked out my senior year for being absent so much. But at the same time I managed to always get good grades on exams and always top 10% on those stupid "standardized exams" that competes you against all other students in the state. And now I'm in college doing just fine.

Basically high school was a joke for me and I still firmly believe it's a broken system and does nothing to prepare you for anything really. At least here in the US.
I mostly studied. I had few friends. In classes 9 and 10, I used to play table tennis. I devoted most of my time in mathematics. In classes 11-12, I studied the whole day and programmed in study breaks. You don't get much to do if you're studying for IITJEE (except if you are super intelligent) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Institute_of_Technology_Joint_Entrance_Examination

I mostly studied at home, because school syllabus was too easy and I knew almost everything that was taught at school (except what I did in the chemistry lab). I went to school just so that I have enough attendance to be eligible for Board exams. And passing in board exams is compulsory to be eligible for IITJEE.

School was a time-waster for me and I still firmly believe it's a broken system and does nothing to prepare you for anything really. At least here in India.
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Didn't do any programming in high-school. I had a part-time job with the reserves, part-time job as a janitor in a grocery store, played in a few school bands (tuba + guitar + upright bass) and also got my pilot's licence.

I took my first programming class in first year university, but didn't actually start programming for another 6 years.
Flying thats interesting, very good for high school, i did a good few hours in a piper warrior, we shud talk planes some time in the future :D
I have about 100 hours in a Piper Warrior! I love those. Cessna feel too "mini-vanny" for me. Also flown Piper Arrow, Diamond Katana, and Beech 23. I've given up flying as a hobby (too expensive) for software engineering on airliner simulations.
It was fun, went up in what turned out to be a gale once, broke a record on an ancient g meter :D best fun ever, but yes wayyy too expensive, Heard it was cheap in america and south africa, but yeah im into software now too.

I like the way they have saftey features built into their design, very elegant.
I was also notorious in my that age. I don't remember that much about those days.
Highschool seems kinda horrible for those who got bad grades. Right now in middle school I'm trying to get all my grades up past a 96 (I have 2 more grades left to get up - at about 90 percent) so I can get a scholorship for college.
I was just focused on surviving high school. I met the worst people ever in high school. Almost the entire school was a bunch of teenaged rednecks, that ran around with rebel flags on their trucks. Barely could put decent sentences together, and to make matters worse, they got rid of the honors program in my school when I was in 10th grade, so I was stuck in the slowest, most mind numbing classes ever for three years, with the people I hated. Oh, and did I mention I'm gay? You can imagine how that went down...

5...worst...years...ever. EVER.

Thank god for college. U.S high school is a giant, giant waste of time, and did absolutely zilch to prepare me for anything, besides teach me who to avoid like the plague.
'Merica is deh land of deh phree.
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