Who else uses clang++?


I've noticed a lot of people haven't even heard of clang. It has by far the best C++11 support and it's error messages like the above which make it totally worth it. It also has a version that works with MinGW on Windows.

I do want to ask, which compilers do you primarily use?

clang++ for C++11, and MSVC for other Windows stuff (I write plugins and have to use an SDK) and I use online compilers to test he portability of my code (e.g. ideone and liveworkspace)
we don't use open source compilers, but we have clang++ installed anyway because it helps in development, thanks to clear diagnostics and standards compliance.
I use g++, clang++, valgrind, and gdb7.
I usually use g++ (and occasionally MSVC) though I'm thinking of jumping to clang pretty soon, namely due to this: http://isocpp.org/blog/2013/04/clang-reaches-100-fully-complaint-compiler-expected-this-summer
clang when I need C++11; otherwise g++.
how do you get clang setup on windows with mingw?
@ Script Coder: let me know when you find out.

I tried to get Clang in Windows, it was a joke. In Linux, all one needs to do is install the appropriate package. In Windows you wrestle with it to work. At least that's how I remember it.
@Script Coder @Catish It's actually really easy:
1. Install MinGW
2. On the clang downloads page, every version has one that says "Experimental Clang Binaries for Mingw32/x86" (which is their way of saying "OK fine yes we support Windows")
3. Put it in e.g. C:/clang/
4. Add C:/clang/bin/ to your PATH environment variable (make sure MinGW's is there too)

Done! Invoke clang++ --help from the commandline and then try compiling.
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Do they have a way to install libc++ too?
You mean it didn't come with your download?
it is distributed separately http://libcxx.llvm.org
It has by far the best C++11 support

After reading this page, it seems gcc supports everything clang supports (which is everything). http://wiki.apache.org/stdcxx/C++0xCompilerSupport
Ah, the times have changed. It was definitely ahead a few months ago having support for several features GCC didn't. That table is also a little dated considering the above link claiming that clang++ is fully C++11 compliant, but you're right that they are neck-and-neck.
@ LB: clang++ version 3.2 complains about a missing DLL: pthreadGC2.dll

I am sticking with nuwen's 4.8.0 MinGW distro. Thanks anyway.
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@Catfish I have installed and used clang++ 3.2 on XP, Vista, and 7 multiple times and have not encountered that. I just recently helped someone else with that issue and it was because they did not have C:\MinGW\bin in their PATH environment variable.

Catfish4 wrote:
I am sticking with nuwen's 4.8.0 MinGW distro. Thanks anyway.
Is this supposed to be rude? don't understand why you would say this otherwise. I'm not asking or requiring you to use clang, I just wanted to explain that installing clang on Windows is simpler than you made it out to be.
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Is this supposed to be rude?

You're asking?
You are over-analyzing things again; no it's not "supposed to be rude". I appreciated your post explaining the installation, I tried what you wrote, it didn't work, so I deleted clang. That's all.
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