sending variables to PHP scripts

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That's like the opposite of technical. Technical is hiring a lawyer ;)
so if i want to post a name value pair to a page i just type
if I got the name value pair right, the address right and the error 403 "no protocol" what could have I sent wrong?

I been sending things corectly from the begining but cant seem to send the right things to the right pages
How does that make sense? It's always name=value
That's not how it works. You can't put the name/value pairs in the URL for the POST method, they go in the body of the request. They go in the URL for the GET method. The name/value pairs look like this: name=john&age=25&height=180&weight=65. You are also allowed to use semicolon as a separator instead of ampersand (&) because otherwise GET data in HTML documents would have to use escaped ampersands (&).
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No, the & separates name/value pairs, the = separates the name from the value. Instead of name=username&value=chrisname it would be username=chrisname. Don't imagine the & means "and", it's just a separator. Like I said, you can use semicolon as well for GET requests (and probably POST as well):
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isnt this code sending things in the body though?

URL url = new URL(A);
                    URLConnection con = url.openConnection();
                    OutputStreamWriter writer = new OutputStreamWriter(con.getOutputStream());
Yeah, that's using the POST method. The GET method sends the query string (name/value pairs) in the URL, so it's less secure (whenever you see a ? in a URL, that's the start of a GET query string).
ah, so you can solve my problem easily which is i need to post the html equivelent of this :
<form method="post" action="">
<input type="hidden" name="password" value="flubergump">

I have been posting variations of name=password&value=flubergump with that above code to no avail!

any idea of why? do i need to uf 8 encode it?

Im trying to make a "post stuff tool" B)

EDIT: so i can move onto c++ again, next im going touse sdl for a bunny breeding simulator
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No, it would be password=flubergump. The & separates pairs of names and values (so you can send more than one variable at a time); the = separates the name from the value.

What you're doing is equivalent to writing int i = i; 5 = 5; in C++ when you should be writing int i = 5;.
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How come I still get a 403 error? am i sending to right place? do i have to acount for its type= "hidden" i cant find documentation on this exact problem.

EDIT: thanks for your help on that one there dude
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ah its more complex passing something to a php script than I thought it was, apparently this isn't the correct way to even think about doing it!
You don't use an HTML page to have Java code call a PHP script.
You dont need to write any code to complete this task, just inspect the search form
I wanted to make a program that could post things to php scripts, i was going to make a "shit posting" tool XD

but yes i think I miss understood something, so what was my code doing
So im sending html data to a php script where i should be sending PHP data to a php script?

or Im using html to send PHP which isnt real? I wanted to either, simulate a form OR simulate what gets sent to a php script in the correct form
No, you're sending a request to a url on a website that just so happens to be a PHP script.

When you submit a form, your browser takes data out of the form and puts it into the request.

Your program is doing the same thing as the browser - putting data in the request. Except there's no form or HTML involved.
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ah cool thanks, so my code isnt working simply because im sending the wrong data in the form of a request to the wrong place which isnt helping anyone
How would you do this? im trying to find what it is that I don't understand?
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