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by Ch1156
Whats the difference between a programmer and a software engineer
So yeah, i was wondering what the difference was if there is one.
[6 replies] Last: A software engineer is an engineer that produces software. A programme... (by chrisname)
Cplusplus.com of HTML
Anybody know of a site that's like Cplusplus.com but for HTML?
[4 replies] Last: oh haha, just saw that. (by Sean Walker)
What is the secret to becoming the greatest programmer in the whole wide world? (1,2,3,4,5,6)
I want to be so good bjarn names his kids after me, i want to be so good i would be able to hack int...
[107 replies] Last: [quote=rapidcoder]Oh, looks like another contest who writes the longes... (by Catfish3)
by cire
PM that made me shake my head.
Holy balls you are a dick! What do you want from me man? I'm just asking questions. Don't read the ...
[1 reply] : He must have been having a pretty bad day, some people get peeved when... (by Need4Sleep)
by BHX
Confidence Builders/Guidance Needed
I've been doing programming for years and I understand the language no problem. Unfortunately, it al...
[8 replies] Last: I've been doing project euler and made it to problem 5. It definitely ... (by BHX)
Simple (bad) Practice question
I remember (do not ask from where) reading that: #using namespace std is bad coding practice...
[3 replies] Last: thank you :) (by Script Coder)
Free Coding! like free writing you just watch your fingers type and engage your mind as little as possible
Writers who get writers block practice freewriting in order to get into the flow again, but can code...
[3 replies] Last: no, lies, nonsense, drivel its completely possible, you wont be able t... (by devonrevenge)
Code style suggestion
It is said that my code is pretty bad (poorly-formatted, hard to read code, and bad awful code logic...
[7 replies] Last: Don't take this the wrong way but I have now had a look at some of you... (by closed account z05DSL3A)
Ubuntu Wireless Help
I have recently installed Ubuntu (12.10) and being an absolute newbie to ubuntu/linux am having prob...
[1 reply] : > Tried to install ndiswrapper (failed) ┬┐really? post the command and... (by ne555)
Raspberry Pi and Windows Dual Boot
If install the operating system Raspberry Pi, will it delete my Windows 7?
[8 replies] Last: You mean Linux, the Raspberry Pi's operating system is Linux, also, no... (by Fredbill 30)
What time is it?
Hey just interested to know what time it is where you are. Maybe I am weird ( http://images.firstc...
[13 replies] Last: Like no one saw this coming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3ZmJYkWLN... (by BHX)
Game Development (that's not useless)
Hello everyone, I read this article last night and thought that I'd share. There are so many game d...
[3 replies] Last: Oh, wow. It actually is quantitative. It's the closest I've seen to nu... (by helios)
by helios
The amazing unrolled list
So, after trying all sorts of fancy tricks (threads, SSE math, object recycling) to lower my CPU usa...
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Who is spoonlicker!?
I recently read a post were someone mentioned spoonlicker, sounds like some kind of spammer... What ...
[2 replies] Last: Haha ok, I was just wondering what he was doing around the site, I hav... (by Filiprei)
I am working on a fun project, but need some help. How do you convert something like: mov $5, %eax...
[12 replies] Last: its just I want to not have to depend on another/someone else's produ... (by helios)
Agility Pack Decendant function issue
public string getContent(string webAddress) { HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlWeb web = new HtmlAg...
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After 12
I'm an Indian student about to finish 12th class and now I'm confused what to do next? I'm very inte...
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Version control
What version control software do you use? Pros? Cons? Do you use it for work related (for the profes...
[3 replies] Last: I use Tortoise SVN. It works really well. For non-shared projects, ... (by Stewbond)
LRU vs FIFO page fault performance
So after some testing I've noticed some interesting results. Using the LRU page replacement algorith...
[7 replies] Last: I now understand a little more. I thought you were using different st... (by Script Coder)
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