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please guide me
I want to become ethical hacker and also make antivirus.Therefore i am taking online courses on how ...
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by Ganado
Subjective Styles Questionnaire!
I know there's no "correct" answer to this, so please don't interpret this as an argument. I'm just...
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is democracy feasible(this is the only site free from trollers)
Just like black people got their rights, lower castes and women got their rights do you think that t...
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by Aceix
#include <iostream> int main(){ std::cout<<"MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!"; return 0; } the...
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little general knowledge question not found on google
can a virus made in java hack a computer that runs on c++ entirely or vice versa.Do you know of anyt...
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how can i code an app that accepts or rejects numbers
Hello, I am coding an application and I actually got the concept from a game I used to play on playe...
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What programming language should I learn next?
Hello, I've been programming in and learning C/C++ for the past 6 years as a hobbyist. I would...
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i am confused(remember i am noob)
I recently played a simple yet popular game call agar.io and saw info about it.It said it has been m...
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Networking with beginner/junior c++ devs?
Hey guys, I'm looking to network with some other guys interested in c++. Feel free to add me on...
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by vr777
spammed post *do not click*
spammed post.
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C++ Beast Library (1,2)
I wonder how many people have heard about it. The C++ Beast library is a low-level HTTP and Websock...
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Arduino Tetris Code
Hi everyone, I am creating a Tetris RGB table with Wb21812 LEd's and I am having numerous error code...
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by ne555
remove the edit feature
[quote=MikeyBoy]Please don't delete your question after you've received an answer. It makes the thre...
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a. Create the vector via an initialization list. b. Provide the length of the vector using the siz...
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