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But why would you do that?
This has to be my favorite "But why would you do that?" piece of code: int main() { do return...
[1 reply] : A friend of mine, while learning C++, wrote a 100+ line file of uninit... (by BHX)
Good programming podcasts?
So everyday at work I tend be to just listening to music or other random stuff while I work. So I fi...
[4 replies] Last: Ya ill look it up thanks cstarter (by closed account 3qX21hU5)
What's your desk?
I'm looking for a new desk to work on. I would like something with more room, where I can have paper...
[6 replies] Last: I built mine. The wood, hardware and paint came to roughly $100 CAD th... (by Oria)
Function member address (solved)
Hi everybody again! Some questions I asked yesterday were interrupted. I only have some questions...
[3 replies] Last: [quote=computerquip]Mission accomplished in 1. 100 points! Yeah, ... (by Imadatobanisa2)
QBASIC as an introductory language?
I'm taking a low level introductory comp sci course and all the programming is done in QBASIC. The i...
[9 replies] Last: It all depends on the the persons learning style. Some people learn be... (by closed account 3qX21hU5)
Going to Chico
Hi everyone, I've been programming as a hobby for the last year or so, but I'm finally going to ...
[1 reply] : Have you checked this out? http://csci.ecst.csuchico.edu/courses/csci ... (by ResidentBiscuit)
Wireless Mouse Compatibility
Hey guys, I lost the usb part to my mouse, but my mom found one that's not the one I bought with ...
[4 replies] Last: Just buy a new mouse. My wireless mouse from BestBuy cost me ~15 dolla... (by ResidentBiscuit)
New child language - (Function member address (structure)) (1,2,3,...,17,18,19,20)
I'm working on a big project. The project is just "my child language" because my interpreter has not...
[382 replies] Last: I am writing by my mobile - sorry for my english. But, Who reported my... (by Imadatobanisa)
Hey everyone my name is Colin. I am just starting to learn C++ and found this site! I have been foll...
[1 reply] : You can find some general guidelines in the beginners forum (Should be... (by closed account 3qX21hU5)
by BHX
Personal Programming Problem Frustration
Well I finally broke down and listened to others. They thought my problems with C++ was the language...
[9 replies] Last: At least everyone here are helping me. When I posted this problem else... (by BHX)
by Disch
People that put "this->" before members: (1,2)
[30 replies] Last: [quote=SIK]could you provide an example of a compiler that does not ac... (by Cubbi)
I heard a good way to practice is to fiddle with an open source game.
does anyone have any advice for absolute beginners on this? it sounds a little bit intimidating, wil...
[7 replies] Last: Game engine development is never easy. Even the simpler engines are qu... (by closed account zb0S216C)
Maths Help
[quote=Math Textbook]Show that the expression: (((((5^x)+(5^-x))/2)^2)-1)^0.5 simplifies to: ...
[1 reply] : Never mind, I solved it (okay well I had help). First you times out th... (by Script Coder)
by LB
Coder7777 (1,2,3,4)
What happened to just three sevens? Is this like Catfish2/3/4? People and their usernames on this fo...
[63 replies] Last: Upon searching for spoonlicker I found an Amercian ip address marked ... (by Catfish3)
by LB
Guilt is a selfish feeling (for me) (1,2,3,4,5)
I have Asperger's (a form of Autism) and I feel emotions in a completely different way from other pe...
[82 replies] Last: chance of stupid comment = Stress*surprise/wisdom+IQ (by devonrevenge)
Mathematica log
Does anyone know where I can find a detailed outline of the changes from mathematica 8 to 9. I have ...
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Good Books For Pre-College Student (1,2)
As the title states, I am looking for good(can be read free) fiction books, that a programmer would ...
[22 replies] Last: I'm making a late New Years resolution never to eat food that I didn't... (by chrisname)
Personal Wikis?
Anyone have a wiki that they use for their own personal use? I'm thinking of getting one to organize...
[2 replies] Last: Trac :) (by Zaita)
question for support people
My wife works for a small non-profit and in about a year and a half it will be time for them to upgr...
[11 replies] Last: @chwsks First of all you need to describe the functionality they get f... (by Zaita)
Collab Coding
I was thinking about getting my friend to help me code my game (First I would have to teach him C++)...
[9 replies] Last: @NGen that is a terrible approach, and suggestion. Because you only ge... (by Zaita)
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