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Operating System (1,2)
What is the best operating system for a programmer Windows Linux (what distro) Or Mac OS X Th...
[21 replies] Last: Thanks all You have been a great help.ill try out the operating syste... (by closed account EwCjE3v7)
Video 32sec. Commercial 1:52 (1,2)
I just youtubed "babies" for my two-year old, and she wanted to see a "funny baby videos" compilatio...
[23 replies] Last: Yea before when there was cable we all used to sit around the TV and w... (by closed account N36fSL3A)
Food thread (1,2,3)
Everyone likes food, so here's a thread about it. I like to cook, and I like to try things from o...
[43 replies] Last: And the galetto made me remember kokoreƧ :D http://en.wikipedia.org/w... (by senhor)
Does anyone have any links to tutorials on how to encrypt something using a modern, commonly used en...
[18 replies] Last: I have successfully made an RSA encryption prototype in python. At the... (by Script Coder)
by zsteve
write emulator for ti-8x (z80)
what do I need to know to write an emulator for the a z80 based device, such as the ti-8x? and are t...
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GREEN CIRCLE! GREEN CIRCLE! I HAVE SFML! thank you naruku and zereo
It works! how complicated was that!? naruku sent me instructions that eventually worked, i spent ...
[1 reply] : Congratulations! lol, I remember when I first successfully installed a... (by ModShop)
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