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Exceptions (1,2,3)
Personally I dislike exceptions. It seems other people do as well: http://stackoverflow.com/questio...
[50 replies] Last: Dylan uses recoverable error mechanics, where can error can occur but ... (by LB)
Do any native English speakers still go into programming?
Long story short, I had problems with understanding my Bulgarian instructor so I switched classes to...
[12 replies] Last: can you get some speech recognision software? it could translate what ... (by devonrevenge)
Computer "programme" ??
I am curious why "programme" is used quite so often on this site to refer to a computer "program". ...
[2 replies] Last: It almost seems as though it would have a French pronunciation. (by ModShop)
Language Chooice
Lately I have been wanting to learn a new language and I cannot decide on which one. I only have tim...
[12 replies] Last: After you learn Haskell, you can jump right into Scala. It takes the b... (by rapidcoder)
Minecraft Server
I am trying to find the perfect server. I need a town based server with stuff like custom npcs pvp a...
[1 reply] : Did you try http://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/ ? Community there might... (by MiiNiPaa)
South Paws Unite
Just a random thread asking which is your dominant hand (or hands)? I was told that people who prog...
[10 replies] Last: If you cut the right hand, the left hand would be the right hand. I... (by Filiprei)
Kaspersky says (some) c++ programs are Trojans
Kaspersky found a couple of c++ .exe files and found them to be trojans (HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic) ...
[6 replies] Last: I think the .exe files have been infected by the malware. It could als... (by Aceix)
by Deduu
Output to text file using C++ STL Library in Android
Hi, I have an Android application that use JNI. In JNI I used C++ STL library to output some data i...
[1 reply] : You should check if the file is actually opened file.is_open() . Ther... (by closed account o1vk4iN6)
HD SPACE (1,2,3)
AHHHH WHAT DO I DO?! MY HARDDRIVE HAS 100 mb LEFT!!!! AHHHHHH Lol. But seriously it does have 1...
[41 replies] Last: [quote=Fredbill30]What's the cheapest external HD out there? There ar... (by keskiverto)
I thought attending an interview was a formality they had to go through and that you automatically g...
[34 replies] Last: Lol. (by closed account N36fSL3A)
Wireless adapter prefrence
Hello! So I've had this computer for about 2/3 months, and I have one big problem with it, the wirel...
[no replies]
getters & setters are bad, design patterns etc. (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
I am going to have another bash at this - I am still in a small way sceptical about some aspects of ...
[129 replies] Last: @TheIdeasMan: [qu ote=username]text (by LB)
SPOJ (1,2,3)
I was taking a walk around the internets and found this website called spos were you can submit solu...
[40 replies] Last: @Filiprei I wouldn't give up this is actually a very handy problem to ... (by closed account 3qX21hU5)
ChessPlusPlus (1,2,3,4,5)
What ever happened to our own little Open Source Project? I see it has been abandoned for 2 months n...
[82 replies] Last: Can't, I'm at school and webchats are blocked. Go ahead and discuss he... (by LB)
Free DOS install
i want to get free dos on a CD, but all the downloads say i have to install it, and that it doesnt i...
[1 reply] : do you have the live CD if so then try this:http://www.linuxliveusb.co... (by David Parker)
X11 Window System
Does anyone know a free OS that stil uses the X11 windowing system
[3 replies] Last: X11 is the protocol, X.Org is the implementation -- which pretty much ... (by closed account 1yR4jE8b)
What is the .net equivelent of the java URL and HttpUrlConnection Classes
i am making a browser. i want to add a feature that will allow me to view the source. i know how to ...
[14 replies] Last: C++/CLI is an extension of C++ , it is another language: http://www... (by closed account z05DSL3A)
read ascii data from file
Hi, I am search lot websites but still i am not solve the issue, I want to read the ascii value...
[3 replies] Last: std::ifstream inp("yourFile"); char c; inp >> c;//c now holds ascii v... (by MiiNiPaa)
College: yay or nay? (1,2)
I want to become an indie developer. You probably get these threads a lot, but I want an unbiased an...
[29 replies] Last: Price should always be a factor in college selection, though a fair am... (by allisonward)
Would SSD works on this?
I have an old laptop HP TX2000 which was given to me by my brother. A buggy laptop with a buggy vist...
[2 replies] Last: Hmm, I will go around asking the computers shop if it can be done. If... (by GaGoKoYa)
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