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Windows 64-bit assembly in C++
I saw an tutorial that teaches asm in C++. I saw in the video this code: #include <iostream> in...
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Help transcoding Canon XF300 MXF to MPEG-2 SD for Elements 9
Supporting interlacing and high definition, MPEG-2 standard was considerably broader in scope and of...
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Purchasing A Domain Name
Hello, I'm just wondering where could I purchase a domain name without emptying my pockets... I'm...
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Hi! I created a small flavour of C++ that I found useful and I thought I'd like to share. It's ca...
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school system and stabbed with a pencil
my girlfriends mom is a second grade public school teacher. she was attacked by one of her students ...
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by LB
Garbage Collection (article + discussion) (1,2,3)
So the other week I wrote an article where I explain how and why I don't like Garbage Collection: h...
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Game Challenge (1,2,3)
Hello. Recently I've been thinking of a small, personal challenge, and I decided to post it here in ...
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by odai
problem with assembly code
Hi guys , i have prob here .model small .data data1 dd 5H data2 dd 3H .code .st...
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Building my own gaming pc , help!
Hi , i have done quite a bit of research before doing this and i have bought all the other parts. Bu...
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Bad & Good
Lately, I have heard too much negative criticism on Java, and too much positive on Lisp. I may be th...
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