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I can't use unique_ptr?
Hi guys, i have Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 express edition, it supports several C++11 features such a...
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Good "Stressfull" Algorithm
I am thinking to make a code contest with my friends, but I need a good algorithm for testing. It sh...
[1 reply] : Stress testing is pretty application specific, but generally you want ... (by ResidentBiscuit)
Hi there, so today when my brother woke up he told me "I know you secretly went down to use the comp...
[4 replies] Last: I think it would be rare to actually use a computer in your sleep with... (by htirwin)
I use CodeBlocks for compiling my code in C++, but sometimes it says that some libraries(which, norm...
[3 replies] Last: graphics.h is not a standard header file. http://en.wikipedia.org/wi... (by Peter87)
Windows 64-bit assembly in C++
I saw an tutorial that teaches asm in C++. I saw in the video this code: #include <iostream> in...
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Help transcoding Canon XF300 MXF to MPEG-2 SD for Elements 9
Supporting interlacing and high definition, MPEG-2 standard was considerably broader in scope and of...
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Purchasing A Domain Name
Hello, I'm just wondering where could I purchase a domain name without emptying my pockets... I'm...
[13 replies] Last: [quote=Fredbill] It's unprofessional. No one's going to take you serio... (by BHX Specter)
Hi! I created a small flavour of C++ that I found useful and I thought I'd like to share. It's ca...
[4 replies] Last: Thought long and hard and now the keywords have been changed... :-) Be... (by Henrik Harmsen)
school system and stabbed with a pencil
my girlfriends mom is a second grade public school teacher. she was attacked by one of her students ...
[8 replies] Last: Is it really that hard to fend off 7 year old, pencil or not? I mean..... (by NoXzema)
by LB
Garbage Collection (article + discussion) (1,2,3)
So the other week I wrote an article where I explain how and why I don't like Garbage Collection: h...
[40 replies] Last: I edited out links that he had recommended I join and advice I thanked... (by BHX Specter)
Game Challenge (1,2,3)
Hello. Recently I've been thinking of a small, personal challenge, and I decided to post it here in ...
[47 replies] Last: RealGiganitris, you realize that's C++, correct? MiiNiPaa, fair enoug... (by Fredbill)
by odai
problem with assembly code
Hi guys , i have prob here .model small .data data1 dd 5H data2 dd 3H .code .st...
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Building my own gaming pc , help!
Hi , i have done quite a bit of research before doing this and i have bought all the other parts. Bu...
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Bad & Good
Lately, I have heard too much negative criticism on Java, and too much positive on Lisp. I may be th...
[16 replies] Last: Wow why is lambdas being always delayed? First 7 -> 8 now 8 -> 9. (by Stormboy)
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